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  • Honolulu Dentist Newsletter Fall 2010


Happy Holidays! From all of us at Ala Moana Dental Care we wish you the very best for a safe and Happy Holiday Season. We also wanted to thank you for choosing us for your dental care and will continue to do our best for you in the New Year.

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FEATURED NEWS (back to table of contents)

Good News For Our Patients With Sensitive Teeth (back to table of contents)

We now offer Soothe Rx toothpaste which is the best toothpaste available to treat sensitive teeth. It does this by actually remineralizing the tooth with Calcium and Phosphate which are the same minerals it is made out of. The affects are very long lasting and after the first two weeks of use you only have to use it once a week to maintain the benefits.

Dr. Declan Baby Coming (back to table of contents)

Dr. Declan has a baby boy due on Dec. 17. We’re really looking forward to his arrival but unfortunately still don’t have a name. So if you can think of a good one we would love to hear it.

DENTAL TIP(S) (back to table of contents)

How to Turbo Charge Your Toothpaste (back to table of contents)

A simple way to turbo charge any toothpaste is to first put some of your favorite toothpaste on the brush and then dip it into baking soda. What this does is increase the pH, making the toothpaste more alkaline, which drives minerals into the teeth. It also decreases any acidic affects of sweat foods you may have eaten. The baking soda is most effective if it is not already in the toothpaste but just dipped into and kept in a separate container. For years the dental profession thought that baking soda was abrasive and shouldn’t be used but research has now shown that this was incorrect because baking soda dissolves rapidly in the mouth and has only beneficial effects on the teeth. Turns out GrandMa was right after all on using baking soda to clean your teeth.

SPECIAL OFFERS (back to table of contents)

Christmas White Sale (back to table of contents)

Zoom! whitening at $395 (usual price $680) OR KoR deep whitening for $695 (usual price $980). This is a savings of almost $300 over the normal price and makes a great Christmas Gift for yourself or someone special in your life. Call 808-941-5555 to schedule your appointment today.

Year End Insurance (back to table of contents)

Year end insurance. Don’t forget most dental plans renew at the end of the year and any unused dental benefits EXPIRE. If you aren’t sure if you have any benefits left and would like to check we would be happy to do so for you. Just give us a call at #941-5555.

Low Price on Regular Cleaning and Checkup (back to table of contents)

We continue to maintain our low price on a regular cleaning and check up, only $49. So if you need this service let us know by calling 808-941-5555.

WEBSITE / OFFICE NEWS (back to table of contents)

New Social Media Links (back to table of contents)

We have added a new feature on every page of our website where you can Facebook "Like" or Tweet any page! These links will also give you the enhance option to add comments when you click on it so you can let your friends know what you think. Great way to support Dr. Declan & Associates and let your friends know all that we has to offer! Visit our home page and let you friends know you Like Ala Moana Dental Care.

Our Testimonial Page Is Growing (back to table of contents)

We continue to maintain our low price on a regular cleaning and check up, only $49. So if you need this service let us know. Visit our testimonial page:
Post your own testimonial. Here is a link to submit your own Ala Moana Dental Testimonial:

Christmas Party (back to table of contents)

We just had our Annual Christmas Party at Miyabi Japanese restaurant. Everyone had a fantastic time and the food was wonderful so if you get a chance we would highly recommend them. They are located at 808 Kapahulu and their number is 737-2828.

Bye for now, Dr.D and all of us at Ala Moana Dental Care

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