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  • 9/1/2015 - Post Tooth Extraction Home Care Tips
    After you've had your tooth extracted, it is important to take proper care to ensure a smooth recovery. Click here for great tips.
  • 9/14/2015 - Laser Gum Shaping & Gum Treatment Explained
    Patients require gum treatment for a variety of reasons and the procedures that render these treatment may be completely different from each other. These are just some of the reasons behind gum treatment.
  • 9/21/2015 - Dental Implants with Ala Moana Dental Care - Honolulu Dentist
    While it may not seem like it, dental implants have been in use for over 40 years. We have been working with dental implants for 18 years and work with a surgeon who has placed over 2000 implants!
  • 9/22/2015 - Honolulu Dentist Newsletter FALL 2015
    New dental video tips, published articles, Honolulu dentist staff profiles, special offers and more...
  • 9/22/2015 - New Honolulu Dentist Testimonials - Reviews
    9/22/2015 - 98 NEW TESTIMONIALS POSTED! - Read very recent comments/testimonials from our clients to help show we are offer some of the best dental services in Honolulu.
  • 9/28/2015 - Is A Dark Tooth Considered Dead?
    There are many reasons for a tooth to turn dark but the most common is from a trauma. If trauma occurs somewhere else in your body, the area will often have a bruise which is caused by the rupturing of red blood cells.

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