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  • New Honolulu Dentist Testimonials
  • Impressive
    Dental Patient: Diana Lorenz Date: 12/5/2018
    This office is impressive with its employees concentrating on their work upon entry. Very friendly.
  • Elegance in dentistry. A devotion to precision.
    Dental Patient: Gary A Andersen Date: 12/4/2018
    The dentist is a craftsman and artist. The establishment is spotless.
  • Excellent service
    Dental Patient: Nadine Young Date: 12/2/2018
    First impression are something I look at. I like that the office was clean, staff was wonderful and quick, plus side was that fact that they knew wipe down and chang gloves each time.
  • Great Start! You have sent your first review request.
    Dental Patient: Miho Wakamatsu Date: 1/9/2019
    There is no doubt! Doctor D team always care for patients with professional sincerity. Important things to patients. 1, relief 2, trust 3, Familiarity I think that Ala Moana Dental Care has all of them.
  • Great Experience In Recent Appointment
    Dental Patient: Larem Horita Date: 12/2/2018
    As usual, my appointment was great & everyone was professional, friendly, & efficient.
  • If you can love your dentist this place is it!!
    Dental Patient: Elsa M Date: 1/7/2019
    This is a great dental facility. The staff is terrific. I am always well cared for and look after. My concerns are theirs. Can't say enough about the experience. First time in was for a checkup and a few days later I popped a filling off a front tooth. I made contact and days later I was seen and tooth repaired. Can't say enough about the service. Love them all. Thanks a million. I will definitely pass it on!
  • Great Service/Great Staff
    Dental Patient: Kathleen Lyons Date: 1/7/2019
    Always a pleasant experience. On time, efficiently run, friendly staff and very clean.
  • Professional and courteous
    Dental Patient: Cheryl Kanno Date: 12/2/2018
    They are very helpful in the way they offer their services. The staff is very caring on my comfort throughout the procedure. They even go over all the details and payment to help in a decision on proceeding on what to do which I found very helpful.
  • Good service
    Dental Patient: Lara Angela Lagundi Date: 12/2/2018
    The staff and Doctor are just awesome. Very professional, makes you feel relaxed and well taken cared off.
  • Peaceful and painless experience
    Dental Patient: Nancy Kauhaihao Date: 1/5/2019
    I've recently moved to Oahu from another island . I didn't have any referrals of dentists in the area so I searched google . I was impressed by the reviews . But at the save time , I always had anxiety when it comes to dentists . But was put at ease from the start . I got lost in the way there, and the friendly staff at the office directed me right to the office and parking . They were so helpful ! When I arrived . the office was very clean. and everyone pleasant . I felt so comfortable. I had full mouth X-rays and met my dentist and hygienist . After the initial check up and cleaning. I felt so good and satisfied with every aspect Of the experince. I couldn't recommend this office any more . If your looking for a great dental office . this is the place ! Aloha ! Nancy
  • Next Day Appointment: Crown Reattchment
    Dental Patient: Edward Appleby Date: 1/4/2019
    I'd never been in the door here before... kept getting mailers, and they're two blocks away, so I gave it a shot... Had my dental and Endorsed records sent electronically, and rest of new patient sign up is done on an iPad upon arrival. Slick. I specifically asked for Dr Mandich based on my review of staff on line; he was polite with excellent chair-side disposition, as was his chair-side assistant, Josh. Able to book return visit next week on day of my choosing for regular new patient processing of cleaning, full mouth xrays etc. Receptionist/scheduler, Warren,helpful, efficient, and accommodating. Very nice, CLEAN office, state of the art, with all staff in matching all black uniform attire; smart Island casual presentation. If you live or work in town, GO HERE! Edward
  • Professional
    Dental Patient: Marc Gerard Date: 11/30/2018
    Very efficient and professional service.
  • Life saver
    Dental Patient: Nat P Date: 12/31/2018
    Not only i was in excruciating pain, but i was seen in a timely manner, on a sunday by a very nice dentist. I was grateful and pleasantly surprise but the professionalism of the doctor and staff. The diagnosis and prescription helped me until i was able to take care of the matter once back on main land. I would like a copy of diagnosis and receipt please, which i left without. Thank you.
  • Very efficient and punctual.
    Dental Patient: Carol Moore Date: 11/29/2018
    Was impressed with the personal attention....even got a stand up handshake of welcome from receptionist when it was known it was my initial visit. Really enjoyed the ease of the X-ray process. The Doc that came in to review and look was personable and professional. Adrienne who cleaned my teeth was also very thorough and gentle in the process. All in all a great dental experience!! Thank you.
  • Efficient, professional, caring service
    Dental Patient: Grecia Hill Date: 11/27/2018
    I was very pleased with the treatment and care I received.from Karen the dental hygienist and Dr. Timothy Inoue. Friendly. Efficient. Thorough.
  • Very professional
    Dental Patient: Shae Thomson Date: 12/30/2018
    Very professional and clean!
  • Friendly. Efficient.
    Dental Patient: Ronnie Shaddock Date: 11/26/2018
    Friendly. Efficient. Thorough. Answered all my questions and explained answers in a understandable way.
  • High quality of service, friendly, and professionel.
    Dental Patient: Michael Reney Date: 12/26/2018
    Upon my arrival to check in the staff showed friendlyness and caring. I was made to feel comfortable about being there. Also finding out the staff had volunteered there time and a familly holliday shows how much care they have for the customers.
  • Professional and friendly
    Dental Patient: Courtney Aiona Date: 11/26/2018
    Ala Moana Dental always takes care of my entire family! I love that I can make an appointment for my entire family, all 5 of us on a Sunday! And everyone is so helpful and professional.
  • Professional service
    Dental Patient: Krystina Switch Date: 12/24/2018
    Excellent professional service. Didn't have an appointment but staff were able to fit us in . Traveling from overseas and would recommend this practice to anyone.
  • high quality service
    Dental Patient: LANI JOY NIINO Date: 11/25/2018
    The installation of a permanent crown was performed efficiently and the fit was perfect.
  • Superior Customer Service
    Dental Patient: Wayne Nishimoto Date: 12/22/2018
    The staff at Ala Moana Dental Care provided me with a sincere friendly professional service which is truly exceptional today. Most businesses and establishments are managed with goals and mentality that are all about profitability and production. The Aloha and Ohana spirit has faded and dwindled! Hopefully other businesses and establishment will start to revive the practice of customer service especially since we are the Aloha State. Thank you for keeping the tradition of Hawaii alive.
  • Efficient, professional, caring service
    Dental Patient: JOY GLENWRIGHT Date: 11/24/2018
    I had an infection in my gums and family in town. I went in early and they within an hour, diagnosed, cleaned and gave me antibiotics! I was able to spend the rest of the time with my family pain free. Thank you!
  • Great Start! You have sent your first review request.
    Dental Patient: Michael Herr Date: 12/21/2018
    They have extensive hours & I was able to make an appointment for the next day. Everyone was very friendly & I received excellent service.
  • Extraction visit
    Dental Patient: Ronnie Shaddock Date: 12/18/2018
    Could not be more happy with the experience I had this Tuesday to have my tooth extraction. I called for an appointment and they saw me the next day. The Techs were helpful and calming and when I saw Dr. Devereux he explained everything and even gave me an estimate of cost before proceeding. The extraction was fast and painless with the Doctor encouraging me throughout. Thank you Dental Team. I job well done!
  • High quality service
    Dental Patient: Jess Loo Date: 11/23/2018
    I chipped my front tooth on Thanksgiving and was dreading having to go back to class the following Monday but Ala Moana Dental saved the day and fixed my tooth on Black Friday. Making the appointment was fast and efficient, the staff was very friendly, and everything was clean and professional. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Dental Patient: Juli Wong Date: 11/22/2018
    Very pleased with the dental hygienist Christopher. He was pleasant and did a great job.
  • I am very happy with my experience every time
    Dental Patient: Lewis Candler Date: 12/15/2018
    The people do great work and are easy to talk to
  • Excellent care
    Dental Patient: Elizabeth Craig Date: 12/15/2018
    Excellent care, very professional.
  • Great Dental Care Service
    Dental Patient: Carl McCluskey Date: 11/21/2018
    Thank you Dr. Inoue and Mel for taking good care of me today. I promise to be careful until I get my new crown. Happy Holidays for everybody at Ala Moana Dental.
  • Great service at an affordable price
    Dental Patient: cynthia Lebowitz Date: 12/14/2018
    I needed a consult on a tooth that was feeling jagged. Got in within a day, on time and had great service. Plus the problem was fixed immediately at a good price. Will recommend this place to everyone. They do not find things that need to be done unless they need to be done!
  • Professional and awesome
    Dental Patient: Sherwin Alop Date: 11/19/2018
    Heidi was a gentle hygenist. I was in and out in 30 min. Dr Devereaux consulted me on some dental work and he explained the plan. Devin helped with the estimate and scheduling. All the front desk staff were great. Laurie who took my x-rays was very gentle.
  • Put the patience First
    Dental Patient: zack zack Date: 11/16/2018
    All of the Vet's that have worked on me ,Have been Great, Bottom line , I found people that I can Trust , I had a BAD experience with a Dentist and had to go to a Hospital for 4 days,, I lose All Trust in Dentist, and let my Teeth go,, But Your Vet's and Staff are Great,, Old School, They put the patience First and make sure you are well taken car of .. I never was Happy to go to the Dentist,, But Now , with Trust and Faith in the people working on me , It's a piece of Cake
  • Sharron is at the top of her game
    Dental Patient: Robert Nelson Date: 12/13/2018
    As always the Team at Ala Moana Dental are the best ! thank you for your care...
  • Very professional
    Dental Patient: John Howett Date: 11/14/2018
    Very professional and thorough. Good experience.
  • Very satisfactory service, very professional and friendly.
    Dental Patient: Lulu Sukhabut Date: 12/12/2018
    As always my regular hygienist was excellent to my otherwise sensitive teeth. She listened to my problems and advised me on proper care of my problem tooth/teeth, referring me to a house dentist for further checking. Dr. Nguyen, my regular dentist who happened to be on duty, was again on top of his trade and very professionally tended to my tooth care.
  • Excellent service at a reasonable price.
    Dental Patient: Tony Rogan Date: 11/12/2018
    Visiting Hawaii from Australia and broke a small front tooth. They organised a temporary tooth for me which looks really good. Great customer service as well.
  • Very happy and impressed
    Dental Patient: Janice Nii Date: 11/12/2018
    Excellant service from Dr. Kometaka and staff. For my root canal problem, Dr. Kometaka provided me with the care and precision to avoid pain and a speedy procedure. I am very happy and impressed. I am feeling better tonight and got my teeth cleaned as well while I was at the office.
  • Professional
    Dental Patient: Amy McKee Date: 11/12/2018
    It's always a pleasure to get my teeth cleaned at Ala Moana Dental Care. They're fast, professional, pleasant, and overall offer great service. Mahalo!
  • Great care
    Dental Patient: cynthia lebowitz Date: 11/12/2018
    I made an appointment online several weeks in advance and for some reason it was not on the schedule but the folks got me in and took great care of me! And love they do not try to push other services on you that you do not need.
  • Very good service
    Dental Patient: Dorothy Petras Date: 11/8/2018
    Expert, courteous service.
  • Understanding
    Dental Patient: jackson goo Date: 11/7/2018
    Everyone patient and understanding
  • Awesome Detist !!!!!!!!!!
    Dental Patient: Yuko Roth Date: 11/6/2018
    Dr.Gary Komenaka is one of the best. He is very skillful and his procedure is very smooth. The price is very affordable and no one can beat it.
  • 6 AM smiles.
    Dental Patient: Stacey Santos Date: 11/2/2018
    I am a new patient. Returning to have a permanent crown put in. In and out within 30 minutes. My appointment was at 6 AM. Everyone cheerful and smiling. Professional and efficient. The experience here is fluid and seamless from beginning to end. They are the best!
  • First and out teeth are clean
    Dental Patient: David Kelly Date: 10/29/2018
    First time here, plenty of parking, open 7 days a week, with hours that fit my schedule. Got my teeth cleaned, I was in and out right away, what more can you ask for.
  • Very kind, polite and helpful
    Dental Patient: Mevan Ranasinghe Date: 10/29/2018
    No delays, very pleasant staff and very professional. All the staff were friendly and explained what procedures were being done and why. Thank you for great service.
  • Amazing, quality service
    Dental Patient: Kelly Roemhild Date: 10/23/2018
    Staff is professional and friendly. They replaced my veneer within a week and it fit and matched perfectly.
  • Great service at a great time!
    Dental Patient: Yong Wilson Date: 10/23/2018
    With a front left canine tooth that I had grinded down to its nerve. So Dr asked extract or root canal? I took the extraction and it was done with care and precision! No pain and didn't feel any pain during and after tooth extracted even with tooth cracking while coming out! Dr and assistant was on it and I was out of there before 7:30 AM! My appointment was at 6:30 AM! Thank you for being open and having reasonable prices for dealing with teeth at this time of the morning! Again thank you to the Dr and staff! Mahalo Y Wilson
  • Best Customer Service
    Dental Patient: Eliza P Date: 10/21/2018
    This dental office has the best customer service and best dental service I've ever received!
  • Best dental experience ever!
    Dental Patient: Sue M Moniz Date: 10/18/2018
    I'm one of those patients that is just petrified to have dental work done! Dr. Matto puts me at ease immediately, and the staff is top-notch in every way.
  • Very friendly staff, highly professional service.
    Dental Patient: Jon Stieben Date: 10/16/2018
    Convenient location and hours. Simple check in procedure. Staff is very friendly and helpful. High tech dental service by experienced staff. Would highly recommend to others.
    Dental Patient: KAREN GOTO Date: 10/16/2018
  • Open Availability and Quick Service
    Dental Patient: Lorna Kekua Date: 10/15/2018
    I had intense tooth pain and was not able to get an appointment with my dentist for several days. I found Ala Moana Dental Care online and made an appointment for the very next day, which was a weekend no less! The location was a little difficult due to the parking lot not being open during their morning office hours but I was just glad they were open. Their offices are nice and clean and staff are very professional, everything was really great until I met with the doctor. He was very dismissive and seemed rushed to get me out of the chair. He explained my options for my tooth pain which were to either pull the tooth now or receive antibiotics and pain medicine and wait to get an appointment with a specialist. I chose the later, he sent me out to the waiting room and I paid my bill. Nothing else was said so after waiting a few minutes I asked if I needed to wait there or if my prescriptions were called in. The receptionist looked confused but was quick to call for clarification. A few minutes later, the assistant came out with a prescription for an antibiotic and left without saying anything else. So again, I asked the receptionist if I should wait there or what to do next. He checked again and was told that there were no other prescriptions for me. Had the doctor been clear that I would just have to deal with the pain until I could get an appointment with the specialist, I would've definitely chosen to pull the tooth. There was no apology for the confusion and no clarification given, it was as if I imagined the whole thing. All in all, they have great hours but I probably won't be back.
  • Excellent
    Dental Patient: Jonathan Faciol Date: 10/13/2018
    Excellent experience..
  • First visit and emergency
    Dental Patient: Deborah Di Bella Date: 10/11/2018
    This was an emergency visit as I have a dentist that I go to regularly (they were closed today) but I will say I was very happy with the service from the immediate appointment to the extra quick second appointment for my crown. Dr. Nguyen was very professional, caring, and knowledgeable. The price seemed reasonable too. So far so good! The assistant was very sweet and caring, however, there is some leftover adhesive in the back of my temporary tooth and there were a few spots of glue on my face that I saw when I got home.
  • excellent srevice
    Dental Patient: Sean Chandler Date: 10/11/2018
    I came in with an emergency and I had no problems getting seen 1/2 hour later. They shown me excellent service and very informational. I will be using them from now on. The hours are great for me because of my job. Thank you all.
  • expert professionalism with great care
    Dental Patient: mary dixon Date: 10/11/2018
    short wait dentist prompt with ckup on a crack tooth n my cleaning by heidi was thorough i like that i can get this done 6 am n not affect work
  • High quality service
    Dental Patient: Rodolfo Uy Date: 10/10/2018
    Everyone we're pleasng from receptionist Dental assistant dentist and hygienist Thank you
  • Excellent
    Dental Patient: John Whitaker Date: 10/9/2018
    Excellent - I was taken care off in the most professional way.
  • Speedy
    Dental Patient: Monty C. Date: 10/7/2018
    Teeth cleaning and exam in 35 minutes!
  • Great Genenese!
    Dental Patient: Roger Lam Date: 10/6/2018
    Great Genenese!
  • Quick appointments; accommodating hours; great dentists!
    Dental Patient: Kim Long Date: 10/5/2018
    Ala Moana Dental clinic got me in the office very quickly (next day) when I called with a toothache, and the wait times once you're there are short. The staff are great; Dr. Nguyen was really nice, and took the time to listen when I was describing the problem, and was willing to stay (appointment was at 5:30pm!) to do the work I needed. I really appreciate their professionalism and quick service.
  • Aloha
    Dental Patient: David Scofield Date: 10/4/2018
    Excellent service
  • Ala Moana Dental Care New Visit
    Dental Patient: Roger G Date: 10/3/2018
    Check in, processing great. Would be great if they could check on dental insurance prior to visit to confirm if direct billing could be done.
  • First Ala Moana Dental Care Visit
    Dental Patient: Nona G Date: 10/3/2018
    Check in was easy and efficient. When I called and scheduled appointment I was told that they would work with my dental insurance. It would have been better if they could have gotten my insurance in advance, checked with them so there could be direct billing. As it was, I paid up front, they are going to work on it they state then they will call me back.
  • highest
    Dental Patient: betsy staller Date: 9/26/2018
    need to follow up on one question b4 service - trying to get in touch with dr devereaux mahalo
  • Pain-free comfortable and caring
    Dental Patient: Chris Wall Date: 9/25/2018
    Had a great experience with my first crown. I broke a tooth late the night before and I was in at 5:45 the next morning. Didn't miss a single meeting. I can't recommend Ala Moana Dental Care enough.
  • Heiginist was great
    Dental Patient: Pamela Escuza Date: 9/25/2018
    Dentist could have better bedside manner. The office seemed very mechanical and service like an assembly line. It was not a warm experience but the hygienist new her stuff.
  • Very efficient, professional, and friendly
    Dental Patient: Adib Rahman Date: 9/23/2018
    I was treated by Dr. Nguyen and his assistants for root canal therapy. Him and staff were very efficient, professional, and friendly. Dr. Nguyen made sure that I didn't feel any pain and overall it was a smooth experience. In addition, it was very easy to make an appointment without a long waiting period.
  • Professional courteous service
    Dental Patient: Monica S Date: 9/20/2018
    I am visiting from Alaska and the office was able to see me on very short notice . Every one from the reception staff to the assistant and Dr. was very helpful. Even when they had issues verifying my insurance company, they continued to help me with billing and getting my Abcessed tooth treated. I'm very thankful to your staff and how well I was treated considering my urgent issue!
  • Out-of-Towners say THANKS!
    Dental Patient: Frank Williams Date: 9/17/2018
    While visiting Oahu on business AMDCwas able to provide us next-day appointments after we walked in. The place is excellent! Chris cleaned my teeth beautifully, and painlessly!
  • Professional and friendly
    Dental Patient: Christie C. Date: 9/17/2018
    I've now been here twice and both times I've been treated with outstanding customer service!! I don't see myself going anywhere else! Besides the location, since I do live on the windward side I wouldn't change anything else! From the moment they answer their phone, to leaving your appointment, they are just exceptional when it comes to professionalism. And the hours of operation is awesome! Both times I came in, I was able to make an appointment same day I called. Being always afraid of going to the dentist they took the time to tell me step by step what it is they were working on during my care. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!
  • Clean, efficient, professional, on time
    Dental Patient: Jessica Jacob Date: 9/13/2018
    Again, Ala Moana Dental did everything just right. They've really got it figured out.
  • Beaker-Girl is on TEAM GARY :)
    Dental Patient: Eva Hannawald Date: 9/10/2018
    Gary is awesome :) ~ if I had my family here on island, I'd do everything to talk all of them into coming here. Gary is 'Doc Gary' actually, and actually he's Dr. Gary Komenaka :) ~ He works fast, efficient, he knows everything and does everything PLUS is SUPER-FRIENDLY. If you have keiki, I promise you they will love him :)
  • Awesome
    Dental Patient: Charles Schmidt Date: 9/10/2018
    Awesome service. Awesome staff.
  • Outstanding service
    Dental Patient: James bailey Date: 8/13/2018
    Definitely was a warm atmosphere, receptionist was very friendly and helpful. My daughter who was getting service. Enjoyed the treatment, and concerns. Definitely willlet friend know about our care here.
    Dental Patient: JAMES T Date: 9/8/2018
    I had the BEST teeth cleaning with CHRIS! My teeth were shining! Mahalo JT
  • great
    Dental Patient: Dana Kohut Date: 8/13/2018
    Dr. Devereux and Staff were great.
  • High quality service
    Dental Patient: Angel Leah Agbisit Date: 9/6/2018
    Just had my dental appointment earlier today. Dr. Inouye and hygienist Lunell were very patient during the procedure. They were very gentle and understand the concerns that I've had, they made me very comfortable althroughout the procedure. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend them to family and friends!
  • It was aight
    Dental Patient: Taylor Weeks Date: 8/11/2018
    I arrived at this establishment to reattach my bottom permanent retainer. The assistant did not know how to prep for this procedure and kept referring to the doctor by his first name, even yelling it for help when he was one cubicle over. Gluing my retainer back took all of 10 minutes and was charged $160. One side of my retainer was still attached and the other just needed to remove the glue and replaced. The doctor was very nice and welcoming but the assistant was clearly new and had no clue what she was doing. The bright side was that they were able to take me so quickly which was very accommodating.
  • The greatest CUSTOMER SERVICE have ever received! from the moment I walked through the door, throughout my procedure Dr. INOUYE and his assistant making feel really comfortable throughout and clearly explaining what they were doing step by step, and even the reception desk being so professional and even offered me a free cleaning on my next visit! OVERALL TRULY AMAZING!
    Dental Patient: David Parker Date: 9/5/2018
    I was totally AMAZED by the whole staff. From as soon as I entered the door I was greeted with a smile and was thoroughly explained to on what I needed to do. Dr INOUYE and his assistant made my procedure go pain free explaining to me what they were doing step by step. Before leaving, the reception employees asked if I was ok and even offered me a free teeth cleaning on my next visit! OVERALL THE GREATEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! I am definitely changing my from my current dentist to Ala Moana Dental Care!!
  • Friendly & professional
    Dental Patient: Blake Kish Date: 9/5/2018
    I never stress about my appointments here. The doctor is very knowledgeable and the hygienists are great. I wish there was stuff to look at on the ceiling though!
  • Great Service
    Dental Patient: Sherman Downing Date: 8/11/2018
    I needed emergency care. Alamona was available and very professional with a personal touch by all staff. My dentist kept me well informed during entire procedure.
  • Always the best service!
    Dental Patient: Larry Test Date: 9/3/2018
    High quality work and very friendly service have keep me coming back for a number of years!
  • Fantastic service again.
    Dental Patient: MILES NEEDHAM Date: 8/6/2018
    You guys make going to the dentist a pleasure. I'm so glad I found this place. So easy to make an appointment and great gentle service. Thank you so much
  • Friendly and Professional!
    Dental Patient: Paul Johnson Date: 8/6/2018
    I appreciate the excellent service at Ala Moana Dental. The front desk staff are friendly and professional, as are the Hygienists and Dentists. Office hours are very convenient with weekend appointments available. I am using them for my twice annual checkups. The most recent visit was to replace a crown. I intend to keep my teeth for the rest of my life, so with daily care by me and with the help of Ala Moana Dental, I think I can do that!
  • Tech worked on wrong tooth
    Dental Patient: Tina Luke Date: 8/31/2018
    I lost a temporary crown and need a replacement I have two preping for a bridge. Instead of redoing the missing crown she added to the existing one, when she asked if it felt ok I said no that's the wrong tooth, she just said oh, and redid them both. There was no supervision
  • Good dental clinic
    Dental Patient: Minnie Boggss Date: 8/3/2018
    Usually a positive experience but today developed tooth sensitivity in one area after dental cleaning.
  • Good service
    Dental Patient: Antonia Lu Date: 8/28/2018
    Very convenient to me. Finally, I found a dentist in here who can help me fix my teeth bridge in future if my bridge come off.
  • Professional, friendly and caring.
    Dental Patient: Keahau Kilgo Date: 8/26/2018
    I was very nervous about getting dental work done. I also dont have dental insurance.The front office staff were very helpful and took the time to walk me through the process and gave me options for payment. I was even offered time to talk it over with my husband. Once we made a decision, Dr. Inoue explained the procedure to me and made sure I was comfortable with the procedure. He and his assistant talked me through the entire procedure and ensured I was comfortable and not feeling any pain. Will definitely recommend Ala Moana Dental Care to anyone in need of quality dental care provided by caring professionals.
  • Prompt service.
    Dental Patient: Charles Schmidt Date: 8/1/2018
    Great and prompt service.
  • High quality service , friendly, and very helpful.
    Dental Patient: Tiahana Kaawa Date: 7/31/2018
    I was helped by Ashley, and Dr. Mandich. They both did an amazing job. I scheduled my appt. pretty last minute because of an toothache, but were very welcoming in taking me in right away. Within that same hour I was treated and didnt have to wait another day. I would definitely recommend this dental office to anyone and everyone. I came unhappy and left very satisfied.
  • Professional Emergency Service
    Dental Patient: Wade R Date: 8/26/2018
    Was in ECRUSIATING PAIN during Hurricane Lane and ala moana dental care came to the rescue...friendly pasionnate and life savers......thank you
  • Excellent job
    Dental Patient: WA Anagaran Date: 7/28/2018
    It's been more than 20 years ago that I had my last check up with the Dentist. The Ala Moana Dental Care opens seven days a week. You can go in and make an appointment immediately without having to wait another day. The dentist and the staff are doing an excellent job. I highly recommend to go to the Ala Moana Dental Care for your next appointment.
  • Very Professional
    Dental Patient: Victoria Yeager Date: 8/25/2018
    No body likes to go to the dentist especially when you're on vacation in Hawaii! Well I had tooth pain and had to go to the dentist. Ala Moana Dental Care Office got me right in, and fixed my problem. The staff was extremely friendly and professional! I would definitely recommend this dental practice to anyone with a tooth ache!
  • Absolutely Fantastic
    Dental Patient: Andrew C Date: 8/23/2018
    Being from overseas, I had never heard of this dentist, and with it being an emergency, I was incredibly nervous. The Staff from the very beginning were absolutely amazing - they were very friendly, reassuring, and did more than I could have expected to help me. I would highly recommend this dental practice.
  • Amazing experience!!
    Dental Patient: Amy Wojcik Date: 7/26/2018
    I had an emergency visit on a Sunday because I had a horrible toothache and my face swelled up. From the first call with the receptionist to my visit with Dr. Nguyen I was treated with professionalism and empathy towards my situation. I live in Kaneohe but will be switching to Ala Moana Dental because of my experience. The drive will definitely be worth it. I would highly recommend Dr. Nguyen to anyone and everyone!!! Thank you so much for everything!
  • Best Dentist Office Ever!
    Dental Patient: Elisha Galapia Date: 7/26/2018
    I have the pleasure of being a regular patient at Ala Moana Dental Care. My appointment today was for a routine cleaning and I have been interested in straightening options as well. Sharon is an EXCELLENT hygienist- thorough, friendly, professional, and quick! I would highly recommend her to any and everyone and will be requesting her specifically in the future. When I inquired about my straightening options, the Dentist sat down with me and truly listened to my questions and concerns. He walked me through my options and the process. Very knowledgeable and answered my questions before I even asked. I had expressed my financial concern since I know that will be a factor and he had his staff pull up a quote- which was ready and thoroughly explained right when I was done with my cleaning! This is an outstanding team and dental office. They truly provide AMAZING customer care from the initial phone call, through the appointment, and follow up contact thereafter.
  • Great
    Dental Patient: Chase Heu Date: 8/22/2018
    Great service and friendly staff. Well organized and the time of the appointment was spot on.
    Complete dental care - the comfortable way
  • Best Dentist
    Dental Patient: John Granito Date: 8/22/2018
    Dr. Devereux is the best dentist I've experienced in my 69 years. He always carefully explains what my condition is and then the various options for treatment. He takes special care to assure my comfort and a painless procedure. His communication skills help make the visit and treatment enjoyable. The staff is always friendly, professional and very caring. I have recommended Ala Moana Dental Care to numerous friends.
  • Service above and beyond
    Dental Patient: Freda Bourne Date: 7/24/2018
    First day of my holiday knocked out my front tooth, not an average problem as lots of other factors involved. As we are here to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary no front tooth does not look good in pictures. This dentist bent over backwards to ensure my smile would be returned in a matter of hours instead of the usual 4 days, cannot thank him enough for a top quality and friendly efficient service.
  • Amazing quality and service!
    Dental Patient: Vikilynn Goodhue Date: 7/24/2018
    From the moment I made the call, I felt like the office staff really cared about me! They got me in on the same day I called and when I went in, went out of the way to make sure I was comfortable. The staff is friendly and helpful, and Dr Matto was great and explained everything he was doing and made me feel like I mattered.
  • Best dental care!
    Dental Patient: Jim Maselli Date: 8/19/2018
    Best dental care!
  • High quality of service. Care for patient.
    Dental Patient: Karl Oyama Date: 8/19/2018
    Best visit to Dentist ever. I had pain in my back tooth. I called 1st thing in the morning and they were able to accommodate me immediately. This was my 1st time to their office and I was impressed with the professionalism and care for my needs. They explained everything throughout the visit and made sure at all times I was comfortable. I will recommend them to anyone.
  • On Time & Efficient
    Dental Patient: Michael Moon Date: 7/23/2018
    The appointment was for a cleaning and exam. It was on time and quick. Both my dentist and hygienist were AWESOME! I WHOLEHEARTEDLY Recommend Ala Moana Dental Care! Super friendly and caring.
  • Great service
    Dental Patient: tom heddaeus Date: 7/22/2018
    have great service on time very friendly
  • Professional
    Dental Patient: Jo P Date: 8/18/2018
    I had a very positive experience @ Ala Moana Dental, the most professional, clean, courteous, organized office I've been to before. All staff were also very nice to deal with. Thanks
  • Professional
    Dental Patient: Jeff Hay Date: 8/17/2018
    Having a throbbing toothache meant I needed help immediately......Ala Moana Dental provided me with immediate help and it took place in a modern, relaxed. professional atmosphere - QUICKLY!
  • Professonal, awsome great service.
    Dental Patient: Harris Phillip Date: 7/22/2018
    Frist but great experience with great satifaction, and lovely service from lovely people.
  • Excellent dental facility
    Dental Patient: John M Moore Date: 7/21/2018
    Very professional - have been going here for a few years - always on time and always friendly - an excellent dental facility
  • Outstanding service
    Dental Patient: James bailey Date: 8/13/2018
    Definitely was a warm atmosphere, receptionist was very friendly and helpful. My daughter who was getting service. Enjoyed the treatment, and concerns. Definitely willlet friend know about our care here.
  • Great
    Dental Patient: Dana Kohut Date: 8/13/2018
    Dr. Devereux and Staff were great.
  • Great Service
    Dental Patient: MILES NEEDHAM Date: 7/18/2018
    I hade a great experience and left feeling fantastic, Gentle kind and professional I dont think you could ask for more
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, kind
    Dental Patient: Camilo Gonzalez Date: 7/16/2018
    Everyone there is awesome and very friendly. The doctors are very profesional with what they do and knowledgeable. Always kind and willing to help clients.
  • It was aight
    Dental Patient: Taylor Weeks Date: 8/11/2018
    I arrived at this establishment to reattach my bottom permanent retainer. The assistant did not know how to prep for this procedure and kept referring to the doctor by his first name, even yelling it for help when he was one cubicle over. Gluing my retainer back took all of 10 minutes and was charged $160. One side of my retainer was still attached and the other just needed to remove the glue and replaced. The doctor was very nice and welcoming but the assistant was clearly new and had no clue what she was doing. The bright side was that they were able to take me so quickly which was very accommodating.
  • Great Service
    Dental Patient: Sherman Downing Date: 8/11/2018
    I needed emergency care. Alamona was available and very professional with a personal touch by all staff. My dentist kept me well informed during entire procedure.
  • Thumbs up!
    Dental Patient: Elizabeth Goodman Date: 7/16/2018
    First visit and very pleased! Organized, professional, patient and great cleaning.
  • Efficient, friendly and professional
    Dental Patient: Karen Lee Date: 7/15/2018
    Woke up Sunday morning with a swollen gum and a sore tooth. Envisioned a painful day until I could get to the dentist on Monday. Lo and behold, Ala Moana Dental Center was open. Made an appointment Sunday morning, and the staff was friendly and efficient. Dr was wonderful, and nonjudgmental about the fact that I hadn't seen a dentist in 6 years. Gave me my options straight, answered all my questions, and promptly went to work. Not an ideal Sunday, but AMDC saved the day. Mahalo!
  • Fantastic service again.
    Dental Patient: MILES NEEDHAM Date: 8/6/2018
    You guys make going to the dentist a pleasure. I'm so glad I found this place. So easy to make an appointment and great gentle service. Thank you so much
  • Fast and Friendly!
    Dental Patient: Richard Jones Date: 7/14/2018
    Coming into town for the dentist is actually a pleasure because we know that we will be treated like friends and have a fast, efficient, painless, and friendly experience.
  • Friendly and Professional!
    Dental Patient: Paul Johnson Date: 8/6/2018
    I appreciate the excellent service at Ala Moana Dental. The front desk staff are friendly and professional, as are the Hygienists and Dentists. Office hours are very convenient with weekend appointments available. I am using them for my twice annual checkups. The most recent visit was to replace a crown. I intend to keep my teeth for the rest of my life, so with daily care by me and with the help of Ala Moana Dental, I think I can do that!
  • Convenient Service
    Dental Patient: Russall Okamura Date: 7/8/2018
    I had a toothache on a Saturday afternoon, my regular dentist office was closed already, so I looked on the internet and found Ala Moana Dental. I checked for an appointment and they were able to take me in that afternoon. They were friendly and accommodating. I filled out a few forms and was able to see the dentist right away. He diagnosed the problem and was very knowledgeable and able to explain an acceptable treatment option. They worked on me with great care and concern and I was happy with the result. I'm very satisfied with the service I received at Ala Moana Dental.
  • Excellent
    Dental Patient: Chris Sider Date: 7/8/2018
    Always excellent been coming for years!
  • Convenient Service
    Dental Patient: Russall Okamura Date: 7/8/2018
    I had a toothache on a Saturday afternoon, my regular dentist office was closed already, so I looked on the internet and found Ala Moana Dental. I checked for an appointment and they were able to take me in that afternoon. They were friendly and accommodating. I filled out a few forms and was able to see the dentist right away. He diagnosed the problem and was very knowledgeable and able to explain an acceptable treatment option. They worked on me with great care and concern and I was happy with the result. I'm very satisfied with the service I received at Ala Moana Dental.
  • Welcoming, Clean and Professional
    Dental Patient: Julie Lawson Date: 7/1/2018
    This was my first time here, recommended by a friend. It is always nerve-wracking changing any kind of medical provider and I was worried about complications with parking, impersonal treatment, and just feeling like a cog in a big machine. Well, parking was EASY! My greeting was friendly and professional. Everyone that worked with me introduced themselves, smiled and looked happy to be working there. Even more pleased with my dentist and assistants. Glad to become part of your ohana.
  • The staff are very polite and I really like being there.
    Dental Patient: Anna Finona Date: 6/26/2018
    I have fear of being treated at a dentist but, I felt at ease today Dr. Inoue was very concern and made me feel comfortable. So glad I had him to treat me today. The staff are very polite and I really like being there.
  • The Best
    Dental Patient: allison roscoe Date: 6/19/2018
    I give a 5 star rating to every service that the Ala Moana Dental Group provides. The hours are great. The service is professional,helpful and reasonable in cost. Sharon is THE best hygienist. I would highly recommend this dental group. From the reception desk,to the hygienist,to the xraytech to the dentists...they produce a quality product..A very happy repeat customer. Allison Roscoe
  • Great Dental Group
    Dental Patient: Darren Henry Date: 6/17/2018
    Always very polite and professional. CLEAN environment a must for dental office. The follow ups on appointment and reminders of appointment are great. Availability for appointment is the best.
  • Excellent job
    Dental Patient: Rick Sparks Date: 6/14/2018
    I've always had the best care and service of any dental office I've ever gone to. They so an excellent job.
  • Excellent, professional and friendly care!
    Dental Patient: Catherine Carter Date: 6/12/2018
    Wonderful dental office! Dr. Deveraux and Sharon are the BEST!!
  • Excellent service and availability.
    Dental Patient: William Cook Date: 6/9/2018
    While on vacation and 5,000 miles from home, finding this service available at 6:00 AM on a Sunday was amazing. The service provided was quick and effective. Thank you.
  • Professionalism
    Dental Patient: SJ Bunch Date: 6/5/2018
    Thank you very much for taking good care of my mouth health.
  • Consistently good service.
    Dental Patient: J. Chang. Date: 6/4/2018
    I went in for a teeth cleaning and check up as usual every 6 months. The staff are great and so is Chris. No complaints about any experience there.
  • satisfied
    Dental Patient: julie won Date: 6/4/2018
    I satisfied cleaning today.
  • Great service!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dental Patient: Christina Gomes Date: 6/3/2018
    We will be new clients! EXTREMELY CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comfortable friendly service. We loved our experience today! Quality, clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Top notch equipment. Easy scheduling ! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Thank you!
  • Professionals
    Dental Patient: Bruce Kuwana Date: 6/3/2018
    During dinner my crown cracked. I was able to schedule an appointment at Ala Moana Dental Care for the next day, with my preferred dentist, Dr. Komenaka with no problems. Ala Moana Dental Care opens early and closes late so, there is no problem scheduling an appointment. The front staff is always polite and pleasant. Dr. Komenaka and his assistants are always professional, courteous, always looking out for your well being, asking if there is any discomfort and providing information about after care. Free 4 hour validated parking is always a plus.
  • Prompt, no hassle, service.
    Dental Patient: Wayne Higashi Date: 6/1/2018
    Same day appointment at a convenient time (for me). Appointment kept on time and very efficient no time wasted. Exceptional customer service overall!
  • Best dentist I've had in years
    Dental Patient: Allastaire Casamina Date: 5/30/2018
    Awesome front desk and everyone is professional and caring. You feel like family.
  • Great Dentist !
    Dental Patient: Jim Adams Date: 5/28/2018
    Dr. Devereux is a Great dentist and I really appreciate he works the weekend so I do not have to take work off. What a wonderful concept he has come up with. His assistant Leeann, is also wonderful. See is really gentle and does a fantastic job. Love them both !
  • Cleaning x-rays Dr exam
    Dental Patient: Patricia Gregory Date: 5/25/2018
    My Dentist retired so Found this company Chris was Very efficient at cleaning my teeth Will be using him again He will be my go to from now on All the people I came in contact with Was great Thanks so much for making me feel welcomed
  • Top notch service
    Dental Patient: Rhina Fuller Date: 5/23/2018
    We have been patients here for almost two years, and there has been no complaints. Since day one they have treated us like family. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure all of their services are top of the line and will always greet you with a smile.
  • Top notch service
    Dental Patient: Rhina Fuller Date: 5/23/2018
    We have been patients here for almost two years, and there has been no complaints. Since day one they have treated us like family. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure all of their services are top of the line and will always greet you with a smile.
  • Friendly
    Dental Patient: Doreen Stanton Date: 5/23/2018
    Always friendly, Informative regarding procedures. Explain how and why things happen.
  • Highly Professional....
    Dental Patient: RONNIE SHADDOCK Date: 5/22/2018
    From beginning to end I was treated with respect and kindness. From X-rays to Cleaning the Dentist and Techs all had a gentle touch and let me know what and why they were doing at all times. I appreciate that. I was not overwhelmed with unnecessary paperwork and was seen at the scheduled appointment hour, which is a rarity in this industry. The cost for the uninsured is also a BIG Plus. I did a lot of checking and Ala Moana Dental Care is absolutely the lowest. Thank you to the whole team ! Ronnie
  • Wonderful!
    Dental Patient: Marcia Mager Date: 5/21/2018
    Been going to Dr. Devereux's office for years. Professional, friendly, and top notch care. I'm far from a fan of going to dentists - but since we all need to take care of our teeth and gums, this is THE best place to do it!
  • Knowledgeable, efficient, friendly
    Dental Patient: Cindy W Date: 5/21/2018
    I arrived early, got in early, had the best dental assistant and doctor. I continue to be amazed by the service and ability of each person at Ala Moana Dental Care. I would recommend Ala Moana Dental to anyone.
  • Great service !!
    Dental Patient: Eve Graff Date: 5/21/2018
    Excellent service and very informative . Pleased and would refer to anyone !
  • Great
    Dental Patient: Lisa Parker Date: 5/20/2018
    Very great experience from check in to check out and making the appointment on the phone. Everyone was wonderful professional knowledgeable and compassionate
  • Pretty Goid Service
    Dental Patient: Nate Diaz Date: 5/19/2018
    I received a dental cleaning and exam. The dental tech did an excellent job, although he came off a little rude and impatient when I was trying to explain an issue with a specific tooth. Otherwise, if not for his tone of voice, especially when compared to the female techs whom are a lot more polite, he was pretty good with his job.
  • great, fast efficient
    Dental Patient: Jennifer Hardy Date: 5/16/2018
    I love their business model! I also love their service and how effortless they make going to the dentist.
  • Very pleasant
    Dental Patient: Jessie Tug Date: 5/16/2018
    From the moment when I called in the morning (knowing they opened at 6 am) the person who answered (Rachel) was very pleasant and welcoming, very professional and I was impressed. She said I would be able to walk in that morning. When I arrived, I was greeted with professional courtesies from all three receptionists at the front. I told them of my problem and after filling out the application, I was greeted by a dental assistant (Ashley) (it didn't take long about 10-15 minutes). Then Dr Mishoff (spelling unsure) then came and did a temporary fix and said to come in the next morning (Monday) since the lab was not opened on the weekend. So I returned on Monday after Ashley called and said the lab would be able to fix my dentures and have it done by the afternoon. I was so happy and relieved that the lab would take care of this problem. And sure enough, I picked up my dentures at the time they said would be ready (around 5pm). Problem solved. I was very happy with all the professionalism and friendly staff of Ala Moana Dental Care. I will definitely return to do more work on my teeth and will also recommend to my family and friends of this experience and company to do all their dental work. Great work on fixing my dentures and loved the experience I received from Ala Moana Dental Care.
  • Professional
    Dental Patient: LeeAnn M Date: 5/15/2018
    Great service: professional, attentive, friendly!
  • Friendly patient staff
    Dental Patient: Coralee Thrift Date: 5/13/2018
    All the staff were lovely from receptionist Rachel to the very patient girl doing my X-rays today, the dentist was also very helpful and I felt in really good hands, visiting from Australia and having a dental issue is quiet nerve wracking in a different country so thank you all for your help today , highly recommend !
  • Very friendly
    Dental Patient: Jessie Tugade-Parmley Date: 5/13/2018
    Staff are very friendly and doctor is very nice
  • Best service efficient n warm
    Dental Patient: Virginia N Date: 5/12/2018
    I'm glad I went there the staff is so great love it friendly atmosphere n very knowledgeable .
  • Great service and professional staff
    Dental Patient: jeannine pliska Date: 5/11/2018
    Never wait. Very satisfied with the service and the work down on my teeth.
  • Professional
    Dental Patient: Masako Cavallo Date: 5/11/2018
    Doctor, assistant and hygienist are all professional and caring!!! Glad they have Japanese speaking assistant
  • Fast, courteous service. Always prompt
    Dental Patient: Kevin Perdue Date: 5/9/2018
    I have been coming here for several years now and have had nothing but exceptional service. Awesome people.
  • Excellent hygienist
    Dental Patient: Mary Pottorf Date: 5/8/2018
    My dental hygienist was excellent. I believe her name was Marilyn. She has been a hygienist for over 30 years and her skills were proven. I highly recommend her. It's one of the rare occasions I have not felt pain and I have issues with sensitive teeth.
  • Great
    Dental Patient: Jenni Matsu Date: 5/3/2018
    Great service, great work.
  • Amazing Service
    Dental Patient: Sonni Boyce Date: 5/3/2018
    The service I received today was beyond amazing!!! I had to bring my 3 month old to the appointment and the staff worked with me to make sure my appointment went on without a hitch! I don't think any other office would have went above and beyond this way with me!!! Thanks again!!
  • Great service
    Dental Patient: Brian Hurley Date: 5/2/2018
    The service was great: efficient with minimal wait time, and so friendly. I was on holiday from overseas and they were fantastic in helping resolve my dental issue. Very happy with the treatment that I received.
  • Great dental care
    Dental Patient: Adam Ertel Date: 5/2/2018
    I get really great Dental Care at Ala Moana, and they have my loyal business.
  • Great Service for Oral Hygiene
    Dental Patient: Wayne Chung Date: 5/2/2018
    Sharon always does a great job
  • Well run operation
    Dental Patient: Lewis Candler Date: 5/2/2018
    I got my teeth cleaned by Sharon as usual. Like I have said before she is the best.
  • Great teamwork
    Dental Patient: Cindy W Date: 4/30/2018
    The cleaning of my teeth was excellant as usual. The doctor found work that needed to be done during his exam. They squeezed me in that day, right after my cleaning. Each assistant was knowledgeable, the doctor was caring and worked expeditiously. This is why I always come here.
  • Really good experience
    Dental Patient: Rodney Weddle Date: 4/29/2018
    Was really good experience Dr. Was great. But the assistant really made my day. Very nice and professional. Love the concept and flexibility. Look forward to coming back. Thanks so much and god bless you for what you do! Have a great week ! Rodney
  • Awesome cleaning and overall visit at ala Moana
    Dental Patient: kat Nguyen Date: 4/29/2018
    Awesome and thorough cleaning by dental hygienist Chris! The cleaning didn't hurt and my teeth are so much whiter! The dentist Dr. Nguyen also was thorough and answered all my questions as well. Everyone is so friendly!! Very glad that my husband and I have found a place we can go to regularly for our dental cleanings/check ups!
  • 6mos Dental cleaning
    Dental Patient: Kimberly Kaahanui Date: 4/28/2018
    I was early to my appointment this morning and I did not need to wait. The Staff was ready and I was serviced early. I was also informed in detail of my routine X-ray and what could be done for my problem areas, which right now was not a huge concern. I was also given advice on options to choose from, which is helpful! Lastly, I had a thorough and gentle cleaning and was done sooner than I thought. Mahalo nui!
  • Top notch professional care
    Dental Patient: Mike Garsva Date: 4/27/2018
    Excellent staff. Competent, and friendly.
  • High quality service
    Dental Patient: Shella G. Date: 4/26/2018
    My dental cleaning service always been top notch experience: smooth, effortless, and pain free. No one beats her expertise. I am a happy returning customer. Also staffs are professional, compassionate, and friendly.
  • Impressed
    Dental Patient: Jackson goo Date: 4/25/2018
    Very impressed with the staff and office Appearace..all were kind..caring attentive.
  • High quality, professional service
    Dental Patient: Jim Smith Date: 4/24/2018
    High quality, professional service. Compassionate. Attentive. Courteous.
  • Very friendly
    Dental Patient: Jan Gladden Date: 4/24/2018
    Everyone I came in contact with was very friendly and made me feel so comfortable. My experience was a great one and i'm looking forward to my next appointment!
  • Good service and convenient hours.
    Dental Patient: Hatsuo Higa Date: 4/23/2018
    the service is great and the hours are convenient to anyone, they do a great job of cleaning, and the price isreasonable.
  • Amazing service
    Dental Patient: Tania Zhang Date: 4/23/2018
    The staff was incredibly friendly and the service was 100/10!
  • Excellent
    Dental Patient: Joy Quensell Date: 4/20/2018
    First dental cleaning in >5 years. Excellent service by entire staff and great results from the cleaning. I would definitely recommend this location and providers to others. Will be doing regular 2x a year checks again now that I've found a great dentist (Dr. Komenaka) and office. Thanks!
  • Today's appointment
    Dental Patient: Michele P Date: 4/15/2018
    First I do appreciate that this office has extensive weekend hours which is great for people like me who work Monday thru Friday and can't always take off for a dentist appointment. Their reception staff is always polite, informative and pleasant. The last cleaning I had here was great which is why I thought to stay with this practice. Today's appointment was brutal. Let's start first with the X-rays and sitting in that chair (not sure where she went off to) but I was lucky enough to watch others come in, no acknowledgment, and fill up their supplies...was in a supply room???! She then returns and it becomes clear to me that she is in training. 10 shots of the same tooth and still couldn't get it right? Next on to the cleaning. It was the most uncomfortable cleaning I have ever sorry typo...the most uncomfortable dentist appointment I have ever experienced. I kept telling the hygienist that I was gagging and it was uncomfortable and she said "yeah it's the machine" so I finally told her that we have to stop because it's unbearable. The problem was it was a water pic of some kind and I kept choking on the water. I asked her to take frequent breaks so that I wouldn't choke, she didn't. It was bad. I'm wondering if she was training also.
  • Best ever
    Dental Patient: Emily Bokelman Date: 4/15/2018
    The only thing I could say is, I'm not scared to see a dentist anymore. Thank You Dr.Devereux ^ - ^
  • 5 star treatment for a 2 star customer
    Dental Patient: Richard Bartoldus Date: 4/11/2018
    Thank you for making me feel important and letting me ramble on. Excited to get going on the plan. Thank you, Richard
  • professional
    Dental Patient: Marc Orgish Date: 4/7/2018
    Very professional and they worked with us for an appointment.
  • Reasonable fees without insurance.
    Dental Patient: Emi Kawasaki Date: 4/7/2018
    everything happy about, friendly counter, nice staffs, nice work clean teeth. clean bright office. I love all.
  • Excellent
    Dental Patient: Charles R. Doral Date: 4/6/2018
    Excellent! Nice office nice staff. Great location. Very professional!
  • Friendly, excellent service, convenient
    Dental Patient: Janine Kurosawa Date: 4/6/2018
    Always treated professionally. Love the doctors, hygienists, front office staff and dental assistants! Will be moving over my entire family.
  • Excellent hours, great service
    Dental Patient: M D Date: 4/2/2018
    I honestly love Ala Moana dental. Service with Dr. Devereux is always quick and painless. He accommodates me EVERY TIME I go there. I arrived an hour early to my appointment and was able to be seen within 15 minutes. He surpasses my expectations when it comes to my dental work both for cosmetic appearances and function. Their office provides me with affordable and high quality dental care. I switched to him from a dentist that I've seen prior for over 12 years and do not regret it. The only downfall that I have is that it seems as if my dental chart is not constantly updated, and I have to remind the front staff multiple times of my insurance changes and teeth that have already been worked on. They will always tell me that they'll get it cleared up before my next appointment, but still have the same issue every time I go. Other than that, I would highly recommend going here without hesitation.
  • Fantastic service and great availability
    Dental Patient: Joseph D'Andrea Date: 3/29/2018
    They did a great job from when I walked in to when I walked out. The service from everyone was great. I had to reschedule twice and they did it with such ease.
  • Exceptionally friendly and informative staff
    Dental Patient: Hayley McDermott Date: 3/28/2018
    Yesterday I went in to get 2 cavities filled and my boyfriend had a cleaning and xrays done. The people at the front desk were very welcoming and explained the payment options and estimates very well. The dental assistant helped to answer my questions/concerns and alievated my dental procedure anxiety. Dr. Devereux was very informative and I really felt that he gave me honest opinions about my wisdom teeth. He understood that financially, I needed to weigh my options and explained different scenarios to me so that I could make the decision that made best sense to me. I have been to this dentist office many times times in the last several years and have consistently had great experiences.
  • A+
    Dental Patient: DS DS Date: 3/26/2018
  • High quality service professional
    Dental Patient: Emily Bokelman Date: 3/25/2018
    Having a bad experience from the past I never felt so relaxed seeing a dentist,I'm glad I found this clinic,It is surely recommendable and everyone is friendly.Thank you so much.
  • Very professional, friendly staff
    Dental Patient: Fred Bowman, Jr Date: 3/23/2018
    The staff and doctor were very professional in their examination of my dental needs at this visit. Being a senior citizen on a very limited budget and not having any dental insurance, the quotes on the procedures needed (nearly $6,000) were beyond my financial reach. Instead of getting both of the procedures needed, I was forced, due to my financial situation, to only except a temporary solution to my dental problems. If I happen in the future to have additional funds available, I then can have the other part of the permanent dental problem taken care of.
  • Natalie IMATA
    Dental Patient: Excellent service Date: 3/20/2018
    Didn't know what to expect when I went to Ala Moana Dental Care, but from the minute I entered the office, the care and concern and treatment I received was excellent. The staff was friendly and caring; Dr. Inoue was very competent and had great "bedside" manners while his assistants were caring and capable. I spent the whole morning there since my situation was not as easy as I had anticipated but was dealt with so well and painlessly that I'm glad I chose Ala Moana Dental Care.
  • Food service
    Dental Patient: Cristiano Paniconi Date: 3/20/2018
    Had a bad experience in the past and since then I changed dentist. This year I decided to give them another chance especially since the place is very convenient for me, and I did my cleaning. All went ok although it was just a cleaning but in will go again for any other major jobs. The doctor, owner of then place, was very understanding and he apologized about my bad experience I had in the past. He seems pretty knowledgeable and experienced so that's why decided to go back.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, not pushy!
    Dental Patient: cynthia lebowitz Date: 3/19/2018
    The staff was friendly and the doctor did not push anything that we did not want. Great service and great price. Will go back.
  • Thank you
    Dental Patient: ela kaupe Date: 3/19/2018
    It's always a pleasure to have my teeth cleaned by your team. Great staff and friendly smiles at 6 in the morning. Thank you again.
  • great service, professional and friendly
    Dental Patient: Pat Soong Date: 3/14/2018
    It was a 6-month general check-up, from the front desk greeting, x-ray tech, cleaning and doctor check-up; I was treated by the courteous staff and felt very comfortable throughout my visit (might have actually fell asleep in the chair.) Although the staff has changed since my last visit six months ago, this visit wasn't any different, I felt very comfortable and relaxed as they performed their duties.
  • I felt very comfortable
    Dental Patient: Parke P Date: 3/13/2018
    Bottom line is I am leaving Hawaii Family dental care for you guys. I felt very comfortable at your office and I could not feel like I was being pushed into something .
  • Dental Hygenist - awesome service
    Dental Patient: Jason Bulagay Date: 3/12/2018
    Dental Hygenist who did my cleaning was friendly, professional, and courteous. She did really well on my cleaning.
  • Excellent and very informative
    Dental Patient: Arnold Honda Date: 3/12/2018
    Your dental hygienist, Sharon is excellent and very informative. The dentist I had was very knowledgeable and very personable.
    Complete dental care - the comfortable way
  • Great staff!
    Dental Patient: Stacia MacMurray Date: 3/10/2018
    I went in for a routine cleaning and came out smiling. Everyone from the front desk, X-ray tech, and Chris who cleaned my teeth were professional, friendly, and caring. They are also good with my children(ages 11 and 13) who get their routine dental checkups there. We are definitely happy with Ala Moana Dental Care and will keep going back.
  • Highly efficient level of dental care
    Dental Patient: Lauren Tonjes Date: 3/10/2018
    Ala Moana Dental Care is easily accessible. The location and hours of service make is easy to maintain proper dental hygiene. The staff are very well trained professionals to help you feel comfortable. Scheduling is easy too; with email and text reminders so you will never forget your appointments. I have referred my friends and colleagues to Ala Moana Dental Care with confidence and will continue to do so.
  • Highly efficient level of dental care
    Dental Patient: Lauren Tonjes Date: 3/10/2018
    Ala Moana Dental Care is easily accessible. The location and hours of service make is easy to maintain proper dental hygiene. The staff are very well trained professionals to help you feel comfortable. Scheduling is easy too; with email and text reminders so you will never forget your appointments. I have referred my friends and colleagues to Ala Moana Dental Care with confidence and will continue to do so.
  • Excellent Service
    Dental Patient: Jonathan Wong Date: 3/8/2018
    Excellent Service and Staff.
  • High quality and friendly service
    Dental Patient: Omar Castillo Date: 3/1/2018
    SHARON is the best, my entire family had been seen her over 20 years Keep with the good work
  • Always great service
    Dental Patient: Craig Morrison Date: 3/1/2018
    I have always had them as my dentist, I had to bring my daughter in for a quick tooth extraction as her dentist was booked. The tooth was really bothering her, they were able to accommodate her the same day. The staff as always was excellent! My daughter was in and out in less that 30min. Thank you for helping her!
  • Ok but Not the greatest
    Dental Patient: Lucy Khalek Date: 2/27/2018
    I called for a cleaning because I was over dued for one and for a tooth filling because I knew I have 2 cavities. I kept telling the people who were working on me that I had two cavities and the dentist said he didn't say any when he did a physical look in my mouth and in the X-ray images. I insisted I do have one and pointed to it and he did a second look and said it was indeed one. I said I wanted to have it fix today, so it doesn't get worse. Last September, I mentioned it to the dentist and they didn't do anything about it and it did get slightly little bit bigger. I don't know where the miscommunication was that they wasn't going to do it today until I said again to the assistant that I wanted tooth #17 done today! After they did tooth #17, I went home and examined my tooth and seen that he didn't really do a "great" job in filling the ridges that was dark because of the cavity. If I was a dentist I would've tried my best for my patient to make that tooth look nice like it didn't have any cavity or at least fill in the ridges so the cavity don't keep on forming. Been here many times and everytime I come out I just feel OK about the work that I get done here. I don't always feel 100% best and feel I could get better procedure done elsewhere.
  • Good
    Dental Patient: Jasmin S Date: 2/20/2018
    Friendly dental hygienist and staff
  • Every one was nice
    Dental Patient: Maria Moreno-Fricon Date: 2/19/2018
    Very courteous service. Every one was nice and did a great job. Didn't have to wait. I'll definitely continue going here for my dental needs and recommend it to my friends.
  • Excellent service and care
    Dental Patient: Debbie Bonser Date: 2/17/2018
    Excellent appt scheduling. Fast, friendly service. Option given to file a rough area on my tooth where filling fell out versus filling again. Thank you!
  • Gentle and Fast
    Dental Patient: John Carlin Date: 2/16/2018
    Had a cleaning today. It was thorough, didn't hurt a bit and didn't take long. The staff were wonderful as always. That's why I keep coming back.
  • friendly and professional
    Dental Patient: kim nurss Date: 2/16/2018
    Everyone from front desk to the office are always friendly and professional. The hygeiensts do wonderful work.
  • Jess J
    Dental Patient: They have got it down to a Science Date: 2/14/2018
    A well-oiled machine.
  • Professional & Personable Care!
    Dental Patient: Sarah G. Date: 2/11/2018
    I've been a patient at Ala Moana Dental Care for quite some time and typically am really good about going in for teeth cleaning every 6 months as recommended. Today I got lucky! I visited with Marilyn who is a dental hygienist and boy was I impressed. The cleaning she did was such quality work and it didn't even bother me during the cleaning process. She was super friendly and personable :) I recommend this place, everyone including the office staff to the dentist are highly professional and they treat you like family.
  • Appointment with Dr.Brett Mandich DMD
    Dental Patient: James Keating Date: 2/6/2018
    Dr. Mandich is the most calming efficient and expedient dentist I have ever been treated by. The entire staff is peerless. They quickly processed my insurance paperwork. I had a wisdom tooth extraction that was quicker and less stressful than simple procedures I have had performed by other dentists. I am a part time resident and am considering making Dr. Mandich my go to for any dental needs. If it were possible to award more than 5 stars I would.
  • Excellent service and friendly staff
    Dental Patient: Sandra Munhoz Date: 2/6/2018
    Really enjoyed how professional and friendly all the staff are, clean and modern facilities, very satisfied with my first visit, definitely will come back. Marilyn, my hygienist was a sweet heart, very patient and friendly. Dr. Matto was super professional, friendly and took the time to understand and work with my special need. I am glad I found this office, I really recommend.
  • "Gentle Care"
    Dental Patient: Mary W. Date: 2/4/2018
    I, like probably hundreds of others, are a little squeamish about "going to the dentist", but my experience with my visit to see Dr. Devereaux and his staff was anything but.......from the Receptionist to the Dr. himself I felt quite at ease. The Receptionist was all smiles and quite helpful since it had been quite some time since my last visit. The Dental Assistant, also, made me feel "at ease" and answered all my questions promptly and fully. Dr. Devereaux was gentle and explained everything that had to be done in language I could fully understand. I went away feeling quite relieved and looking forward to my next visit. I would fully recommend Ala Moana Dental Care to anyone who wanted "Gentle Care".
  • Great Service
    Dental Patient: Wayne Nishimoto Date: 2/4/2018
    The entire staff were very courteous. By 7:30 AM, the dental assistant took X-rays of tooth implant and was attended to by Dr. Komenaka. Explanations were given before any procedures were performed. He applied a patch material to fill the cavity of the implant which took about 15 minutes. I have always had a great experience at Ala Moana Dental Care. Thanks and Aloha to the entire staff!
  • Professional and caring
    Dental Patient: Sarah W hilani Date: 2/4/2018
    Only my second visit but again the staff was courteous, greeted me with a smile even at 6 o'clock in the morning! Everything explained to me what my options of treatment were and the cost. My hygenist, Marilyn, wad personable, very knowledgable and I could tell that she took persons interest in her patients. Of course the entire staff is nothing short of amazing! I like that they wear name tags, you always know who's working on you.
  • Best dental experience ever.
    Dental Patient: Kealoha Wells Date: 2/3/2018
    I've been there twice now and the hygienist I had was so gentle and concerned for my comfort. The office staff is very friendly, efficient, and professional. The dental assistants do an awesome job transitioning you to the end of your appointment. For the first time in my 46 years of life I don't dread going in for a cleaning. I was actually looking forward to it today as I knew Marilyn would do another awesome job of getting rid of my tea stains! I give this place 10 stars out 5!!
  • Highly recommend
    Dental Patient: Brenda Cochran Date: 2/3/2018
    Perfect experience!
  • Teeth Cleaning
    Dental Patient: Laura Lei K Date: 2/3/2018
    I was a little late for my 7am appointment, phoned and let them know - very nice they said not a problem as the parking structure was not open yet. Got into the office for my appointment and was greeted with a smile was taken into the back and greeted again - asked how I was doing - told them I'm a real chicken for dentists. I was assured don't worry I am too.. the cleaning went great - wow...Mahalo
  • Great service and always with a smile!!!
    Dental Patient: Jonette Tiqui Date: 2/2/2018
    My overall thoughts on all my visits......I love the staff!!! Explanations was always stated before any procedure was done. I'm looking forward to getting my big procedure done and I can't wait to get this issue resolved. Thank you to Ala Moana Dental Care!!
  • Teeth Cleaning
    Dental Patient: Michael Van Gieson Date: 2/1/2018
    It really was a good experence but I found out that I have to crack in two tooth and the crown price is very high. That is only comment I have but everything else was good.
  • Excellent service and fast and friendly
    Dental Patient: Courtney Aiona Date: 2/1/2018
    Ala Moana Dental is the best dentist I have been to in my 41 years! They are thorough, fast and super friendly! My son chipped his tooth at 6:20am and he was able to be seen at 7:00am that day. He need to see a specialist and was referred to someone that was able to see him that day. He was able to come back that same day to have his tooth fixed. By the end of the day and after 3 appointment one one day my son was back to normal. The best thing is I currently don't have dental insurance for my family and Ala Moana Dental made sure they gave me estimates before doing the job because I asked and I had to pay cash for all services and they made sure the cost was ok with me. They made me feel very comfortable. Even if we don't have dental insurance or if they don't accept our insurance I will still go to Ala Moana Dental and pay cash because I Love their service, friendly staff and everything about Ala Moana Dental. And the hours open are even better!
  • Crown Re-gluing
    Dental Patient: Stanley K Date: 1/31/2018
    Though the crown which came off the day before was installed bt another dentist, I was pleased to be able to have it re-glued without any hassle. I was lucky to be able to schedule an appointment to have my problem checked a few hours after calling and it only took a short while to have the crown cleaned and glued back onto the post. After paying my fee, I can say that I was able to walk out, a very happy camper. Thanks to Dr. Inoue

  • Dental Patient: James McDuff Date: 1/31/2018
    First time I did not enjoy my visit to Ala Moana Dental Care. They were running late and appeared to be short staffed. I was asked if a different hygienist could clean my teeth. I had no problem with that. She seemed rushed and interested in finishing quickly. I don't blame her I think she was put in a bad situation. After I left the dentist office my teeth hurt for the next two to three hours. Can't explain it because I never had that problem before.
  • Great Teeth cleaning
    Dental Patient: Germaine Tsuji Date: 1/30/2018
    Yesterday I had my teeth cleaned here and it was a very good experience. My teeth are Super Clean now. If I could give more stars I would. Thank you Ala Moana Dental Care.
  • Excellent customer service
    Dental Patient: Gordon Erece Date: 1/28/2018
    I have to admit, working weekends and holidays are not fun, but the staff and doctors at Ala Moana Dental Care dedicate every day of the week to all customers. Where will you ever find a dental Office that does This? Patient care is one of the hardest jobs out there, and keeping a patient happy is very difficult especially when in pain. The Dental Staff are very friendly and helpful from the moment you step through the entrance. You will always be greated with a smile. This Dental facility is up to date from electronic patient charting, to state of the art Dental equipment, to wireless communication. Making an appointment is quick and smooth. For me, my follow up dental checkup is rescheduled the moment I checked in at the front desk. Your next dental appointment reminders are available in three methods: Text, email, and traditional appointment card. I highly recommend Ala Moana Dental Care for all who are in urgent need of dental services, or for your regular dental maintenance and cleaning. People have to be understanding that this Dental office is very busy, they do their very best to accommodate each and everyone as like family, but if you don't treat them with respect and kindness, you will be treated as regular customer. It is a privilege to be a patient of Ala Moana Dental care, and very proud to be a patient under their care!!!
  • Overall experience
    Dental Patient: Laura Felicilda Date: 1/27/2018
    Love the fast response and hours are very convenient. And the employees of your services. I'm planning to be back for more services to come. Ty!
  • Outstanding Dental Care !
    Dental Patient: Daniel King Date: 1/25/2018
    I broke a rear molar and was in need of dental service as soon as possible. I looked online and saw Ala Moana Dental, and to my surprise they were open on Sunday ! I was able to get the care I needed within an hour. Everyone was professional and very friendly ! I highly recommend Ala Moana Dental, "excellent and outstanding" ! Thank you !
  • Excellent Dental Care
    Dental Patient: Robert Brett Date: 1/25/2018
    I have been getting my teeth cleaned and cared for by the experts at this location for years. They are professional and friendly. I recommend this location to meet your dental needs.
  • high quality service and professional care
    Dental Patient: John Sirvis Date: 1/22/2018
    Was afforded the high quality service and professional care that I am accustomed to in the several years I have been coming to Ala Moana Dental Care. Staff are very friendly and helpful - make going to the dentist a pleasure!
  • quick professional service
    Dental Patient: Dave Asato Date: 1/21/2018
    My 2nd visit to Ala Moana Dental Care. Same quick and professional care. I recommend to everyone who asks.
  • sSuper professional service with attention to detail
    Dental Patient: Daniel Berman Date: 1/18/2018
    decade plus of satisfaction
  • Exceptional & Professional Services :)
    Dental Patient: Nani Wahilani Date: 1/16/2018
    With my busy schedule, and a very bad aching tooth, i was in desperate need of emergency attention with the amount of pain I've been enduring for the past week and a half. I found Ala Moana Dental online, immediately booked an appointment with them, and got seen at my scheduled time. As soon as i entered the office, it seemed more like a hotel lobby, with a warm, calm and inviting atmosphere. The receptionist up front greeted me with such ALOHA and professionalism...making me feel calm, knowing that i am in good hands there. Dr. Deveraux came to examine my pain, and his whole focus was primarily on getting me to feel better...Dr Mattos performed my extraction the next day which was quick and easy. They gave me some antibiotics, and pain killers to help with the infection and pain. Everything went smooth, and i am glad to say that i made the right choice by going to them...i could go on and on about my experience with Ala Moana Dental, but I'll leave room for my next visit with I plan to stay with them and my officia dentist :) Mahalo piha Ala Moana Dental !
  • Convenience, quality of care
    Dental Patient: Sarah Wahilani Date: 1/15/2018
    I don't even no where to begin..from the moment i stepped through the doors until my visit was complete the service was no less than excellent! From the receptionist who greeted me, to the person LeeAnn who took me to the exam room, to Melissa, to Dr. Devenroe, also to Desi who was thorough in explaining payment and options available...the quality of care was exceptional, every step was explained. I have never been made to feel so important and a part of my dental procedure as I was at Ala Moana Dental Care. Keep up the good work guys... Mahalo for making it the best dentist visit ever!
  • Professional yet friendly.
    Dental Patient: Randall Ashimine Date: 1/15/2018
    Went for a cleaning and brief consult with Dr. Devereux. Pleasant experience and got the info, explanations, and referrals I needed. Dr. Devereux even called me when he found out that one of my consultations did not go well. Very concerned and caring professionals. That's why I've been with Dr. Dev for almost 20 years!
  • terrible experience at Ala Monoa Dental care
    Dental Patient: Janice Wang Date: 1/11/2018
    Declan Devereux suggested making my crown better after a cleaning. He made a very bad one and promise to fix it after two weeks. Later when i go yo the office, he turned to be a very bad guy which is totally different from when i saw him at the first time. He refused to fix it. It is the most terrible experience I have ever had
  • Professional, friendly and sweet service
    Dental Patient: Terumi Atsumi Date: 1/11/2018
    The dental assistant who helped me was very sweet and nice person. I have been in AMD for 2 yrs but I never have this quality service before. She is the best ! I really appreciated her service and hope she can be my dental assisant again.
  • Professional and friendly
    Dental Patient: Mitch Berger Date: 1/9/2018
    1st class experience
  • Another Funny story
    Dental Patient: Miho Wakamatsu Date: 1/9/2018
    Dr. D said he will make me a very strong replacement crown made of zircon, which is the same stuff as is used in one of the Chanel wristwatch bands. So, he said it will be like having something from Chanel in my mouth. LOL I like that such a Dr.D's funny jokes and happy personality..
  • Superman Dr. D!!
    Dental Patient: Miho (Mihoko) Wakamatsu Date: 1/9/2018
    Perhaps the best thing about being under the care of Dr. D for my dental health is peace of mind. Here's an example from my most recent experience: When one of my implant crowns broke on Saturday night, I wasn't too worried because Dr. D's office is open long hours, seven days a week. In fact, his first available appointment was the next morning at 6:30. Too early for me, even with my emergency. LOL! So, I took a later appointment Sunday afternoon. I was concerned about the cost of the repair, especially after learning there were two crowns connected together, like a bridge. It turns out I didn't have to worry. because Dr. D took total responsibility. Because the crowns were under five years old, there was not cost for the repair at all. He only charged me for an office visit. Relief! Dr. D puts me at ease and makes me feel secure about my implants. For example, when I called in and emailed him to report the broken crown, he didn't try to place any responsibility for the break on me at all. (Some dentists might have told me I was chewing too hard on that side of my mouth, for example.) Not Dr. D. He just calmly accepted the situation and provided a solution that was painless on all levels. In fact, my experience of the office visit made me feel kind of like a magician's assistant. Dr. D's work was fast, efficient, and completely painless. It was even entertaining, listening to his explanations while he was working on me. In the world of dentistry, wherein most people dread an office visit, actually enjoying going to the dentist and having fun is unheard of pretty much anywhere except at Ala Moana Dental Care. Mahalo nui loa, Dr. D!
  • professional and compassionate service
    Dental Patient: Vance Gaffar Date: 1/6/2018
    The receptionist got me into the doctors chair quickly. Previous dentist have tried to sale me on expensive or unnecessary procedures, but that was not the case with Dr.Inoue, he was informative and sympathetic to my desires. The dentist did a clean job extracting my root canal, and the dentist assistant was helpful. Overall it was a smooth process from beginning to end.
  • high quality and friendly, very professonal
    Dental Patient: Mel Yang Date: 1/5/2018
    I love this dentist (Alan Mona Dentist). Job well done and seasonal price. They don't take advantage of you and very honest. I will come again and suggest my friends and family coming.
  • Doctor Inouye took the time to satisfy my needs. Sharon was thorough, efficient, and experienced.
    Dental Patient: Desiree Ichiki-Igarashi Date: 1/1/2018
    I appreciate Dr. Inouye, who took the time to keep adjusting my crown so that it fit correctly. Sharon was clean, thorough, efficient, and experienced.
    Complete dental care - the comfortable way

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