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  • Heather Brown, Hawaii's Surf Artist - Invisalign Testimonial
    Recently I've had Invisalign treatment to straighten my teeth, what a difference it made! I'm so glad I did it! Learn more about Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown... More...
  • Chin Tam / Hawaii Kai
    "For years I had wanted straight teeth but didn't want to go through the embarrassment of braces. Then I heard about Invisalign. I wasn't sure that Invisalign would work for me because my teeth were pretty crowded but I wanted to find out. I did some research and decided that Dr. Devereux's office was the place to go for Invisalign. At my first visit Dr. Devereux showed me cases that he had treated that were worse then mine. Once I knew that Dr. Devereux could straighten my teeth with Invisalign I couldn't wait to start. I feel a lot more confident in myself now that I love my smile. I am so glad that I had Dr. Devereux do my Invisalign."
  • Sally Geis / Maui
    "I had crowded teeth my whole life but never considered correcting them until Dr. Devereux's hygienist Sharon told me about Invisalign. When I saw how simple it was and that it wouldn't interfere with my life or be noticeable I said why not. I wore the aligners just like they said to and was amazed as my teeth got straighter and straighter. Now I get so many compliments on my smile that I only wish I could have done it sooner."
  • Noi Kaewijam / Waikiki
    Growing up in Thailand meant that having straight teeth was only expected of movie stars. Once I moved to Hawaii I realized that here everyone wants straight teeth. Luckily I found Dr. Devereux's office through a friend who told me about how they could straighten my teeth with Invisalign. At the consultation appointment Dr. Devereux showed me how Invisalign could help me and since it was affordable I got started right away. That was a year ago and now I have that "movie star" smile that I never thought could be mine."
  • Steve Palmer / Kailua
    I wanted to thank you, your team, and Invisalign for straightening my teeth. I was a bit nervous at first to have my teeth straightened at age 41 but those fears are long gone. The first week I was self conscious about my new Invisalign but then I realized people didn't even notice I was wearing it. I soon got over it and the results have been great! I would recommend your office for anyone considering Invisalign. As you know, my wife Erin started treatment a few months ago with you and she's already seeing noticeable results. Thank you and your team once again.
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