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  • Honolulu Dentist Testimonials 2012
  • Great! I appreciate and am grateful Sincerely, Rayne Kauhi...
    Dental Patient: raynek Date: 12/30/2012
    Great! I appreciate and am grateful for the service provided by Laurie, she's very considerate and caring. The rate that I paid for the service I received was very affordable. Thank You. Sincerely, Rayne Kauhi
  • Had a great experience there. I...
    Dental Patient: lindaa Date: 12/29/2012
    Had a great experience there. I had to get a wisdom tooth extracted. Dr Baxter was very professional and made me feel comfortable and explained everything thoroughly. The staff is very courteous and helpful. I will definitely send referrals. Thanks
  • For my very first visit, I believe...
    Dental Patient: danielr Date: 12/28/2012
    For my very first visit, I believe that I was processed and treated in a very timely and professional manner. I will have no problem recommending your services to any of my friends, a job well done.
  • I have been a satisfied patient...
    Dental Patient: williame Date: 12/28/2012
    I have been a satisfied patient of Ala Moana dental Care for a short time.
  • I picked you office off the web...
    Dental Patient: diannaj Date: 12/26/2012
    I picked you office off the web because I needed to see someonre right then . Was very impressed with the service I have recived from my 1st phone call . What a wonderful practice you have. A wonderful staff also. Have told everyone I know already what a great dental office. Thank you so much.
  • It was great!
    Dental Patient: marriettar Date: 12/22/2012
    It was great!
  • Professional staff, convenient...
    Dental Patient: skylas Date: 12/21/2012
    Professional staff, convenient location and hours, and a follow-up call from the dentist (not the receptionist) to see how I was doing after my procedure.
  • Thanks, my teeth are doing great!
    Dental Patient: adrianer Date: 12/13/2012
    Thanks, my teeth are doing great!
  • I enjoyed my experience! Very professional?
    Dental Patient: elsee Date: 12/12/2012
    I enjoyed my experience! Very professional but also personal! Clean and organized!
  • Well worth driving to town from?
    Dental Patient: jamesd Date: 12/10/2012
    Well worth driving to town from Mililani to get my teeth cleaned.
  • Great office completely comfortable,?
    Dental Patient: krissym Date: 12/9/2012
    Great office completely comfortable, dred the dentist but have hope for a beautiful smile with this one.
  • I have recommended to a friend!
    Dental Patient: carolynk Date: 12/8/2012
    I have recommended to a friend!
  • Quick professional work!
    Dental Patient: james( Date: 12/6/2012
    Quick professional work!
  • My wife and I were visiting from Will be back on our next vacations. Many thanks Neil Melbourne, Australia?
    Dental Patient: neilb Date: 12/5/2012
    My wife and I were visiting from Australia. Got the "zoom" teeth whitening...........Brilliant results in a great and caring surgery ! Will be back on our next vacations. Many thanks Neil Melbourne, Australia
  • Great Service
    Dental Patient: kylem Date: 12/1/2012
    OMG it was like a day spa I loved this place usually dentists are scarry this one looked amazing and the staff were really nice and welcoming I love my hygenist Nikki she made me feel comfortable and my teeth were clean in a flash! Definitely going back for my second yearly cleaning :P
  • Ala Moana Dental Care
    Dental Patient: tanjas Date: 11/29/2012
    My experience at Ala Moana dental was great. Staff is really nice and dr. Deveraux is one of the best I've dealt with by now. I would definitely refer them to everyone.
  • Excellent!
    Dental Patient: long Date: 11/28/2012
    Kind, courteous and professional. Extremely satisfied.
  • Excellent
    Dental Patient: lorraines Date: 11/25/2012
    The doctor is really nice !
  • Awesome
    Dental Patient: malcolmm Date: 11/24/2012
    It was the best dentist visit in my life, I am no longer going to put going to the dentist off. All the staff are awesome. Thanks Mal
  • thorough
    Dental Patient: scotta Date: 11/21/2012
    Very good first experience, coming from mainland where I had two great dentist, I was very pleased.
  • clean
    Dental Patient: alexg Date: 11/20/2012
    always personable, and professional. Looking forward to the next 20 something years.
  • Pros
    Dental Patient: christophera Date: 11/19/2012
    Excellent customer service and Staff are nice.Very friendly.Thoughtful explanation of options, and then during treatment minute by minute description of process to dispel any 'worries' during procedures.Quality work.
  • Dr. Baxter
    Dental Patient: tonio Date: 11/18/2012
    I'm so glad I found Ala Moana Dental . The whole experience was Fantastic ! Dr. Baxter and Ni ( I hope that is spelled right ) Were so amazing! The whole staff is great ! I have already reccommended your office to people I work with and will continue to . Thank you so very much . Toni OConnor
  • My Experience
    Dental Patient: lynned Date: 11/16/2012
    You guy's are awesome !
  • Excellent!
    Dental Patient: amber( Date: 11/11/2012
    Great facility and great staff! If you don't have insurance, consider their in-house dental plan!
  • Great experience
    Dental Patient: deirdre( Date: 11/9/2012
    I used to hate to go to the dentist, but I really look forward to going now. Your staff is always very courteous from the front desk to the entire staff. I recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again and it makes me want to get more work done since I am not scared to go to the dentist. Mahalo
  • Satisfactory dental experience
    Dental Patient: angelitaf Date: 11/8/2012
    Great location, easy to get appointment even as a new customer.
  • Excellent Dental Care
    Dental Patient: angelitaf Date: 11/8/2012
    Excellent customer service, comfortable and very clean environment.
  • Second opinion
    Dental Patient: charissej Date: 11/7/2012
    I am so thankful to meet the professional staff at Ala Moana dental care, The front staff was very attentive and made me feel welcome and valued. I was walked to the exam room and introduced to my hygienist, She made me feel very comfortable and offered a glass of water. She was friendly but still very professional. The dentist was very attentive and actually said I had less cavities and crowns than my original dentist. He made a reasonable treatment and coordinated appointment times with the staff. Very professional! I left smiling and grateful that my aching tooth was in good hands.
  • Really Great!
    Dental Patient: julie( Date: 11/7/2012
    My experiece, the people and office, all wonderful!
  • Awesome service
    Dental Patient: jimmyb Date: 11/4/2012
    Ala Moana Dental Care is a modern dental care facility with staff that are cheerful, attentive, and professional from the reception desk, to the doctors. Highly recommended.
  • Pleasant and painless
    Dental Patient: richardj Date: 10/21/2012
    My recent visit to the dentist to prep a rear molar for a crown was pleasant and painless and when the dentist was able to get to me, amazingly quick and efficient. I planned on an hour and my visit took closer to two. If the time frame had been closer to the original estimate I would have given 5 stars.
  • Praise
    Dental Patient: leek Date: 10/20/2012
    Well, considering I've put my money where my mouth is for over four years, with you folks, you could surmise that I am more than satisfied with your organizations performance by returning, on a regular basis as suggested. That said, if Sharon Shishido ever leaves your employ I would have to consider other options. She is superb. A Queen of health in a world full of decay and rot! A delightful health care professional. Aloha, Lee KIrk
  • Warm, Fuzzy Efficiency
    Dental Patient: shannonm Date: 10/17/2012
    The first thing that blew me away was being called in to the chair within seconds of arriving for my first visit. When it happened on the second visit, I was convinced that these folks respected their patients' time. The dental hygienist was very knowledgeable and honed in on my various dental issues without my even pointing them out. Later, I became a little uneasy when, occasionally, the dentist would stop and stare off into space as though in some sort of Sci-Fi trance state. I quickly figured out (and he subsequently explained) that everyone was wired with an earpiece. Communication flowed like a fine-tuned backstage crew. The high-tech communication system enabled him to send immediate responses and give time estimates to the rest of the staff without having to stop working with me. It's counterintuitive that this would make the current patient feel taken care of. But it does! The work was not rushed and extra measures were taken that, in the past, I hadn't been aware were an option. All was explained as the work was being done. After living with my teeth for a couple of days, I noted that one of the surfaces was a tad rough. This happily coincided with a follow-up call from the dentist asking if everything was OK and offering to make any necessary adjustments. Perfect! They've struck a great balance between efficiency and warmth.
  • ala moana dental care the best in town....
    Dental Patient: anthonyd Date: 10/16/2012
    excellent- can u get better than that ,staff was attentive ,the dentist was excellent and the service and cost was worth it,look forward to my next visit
  • Quick and easy process!
    Dental Patient: kurts Date: 10/15/2012
    It took less than 5 minutes to register since they give you an ipad to fill out the new patients form. Great staff, $49 cleaning. Will be back there again!
  • Best dental visit ever!!!
    Dental Patient: amandaw Date: 10/13/2012
    Thank you so much to the wonderful staff at Ala Moana Dental Care! Every person in this office is amazing! From the Aileen and Jackie at the front desk to Sharin the hygientist, to the Dentsl Assistant and Dr. Baxter, this was the best experience I have ever had. They were all very accommodating, thorough, and gentle. For the first time in nearly 30 years i truly look forward to going back to thr dentist. I even received a follow up call from Dr. Baxter himself to ensure that I was doing well and that any psin was under control. Thank you to all for such s pleasant experience! You all are amazing!
  • New Crown and Cleaning
    Dental Patient: richards Date: 10/8/2012
    Great experience,work was done as scheduled and the new crown i had put on fits perfectly. Thanks
  • Shocking, in a very nice way
    Dental Patient: leem Date: 9/29/2012
    Prior to my last visit, I was so pleased to see the girls in the front greet you with an energetic HELLO. Not like you get when you go to any other MD or other DDS office where no one speaks or even looks up to say hello. Great job Dr. D. Sharon, who treated my perio problem, is a gem. The whole experience was great! Thank you very much, leem.
  • Cavity Filling
    Dental Patient: ernette( Date: 9/28/2012
    The service was fabulous. I was thrilled that I could walk in and get my tooth worked on immediately. I will refer everyone. I think the dental plan you offer is wonderful and everyone can afford it.
  • Awesome
    Dental Patient: paulettes Date: 9/28/2012
    Best dental practice, staff and doctors to make the experience enjoyable.
  • It's A Nice Experience
    Dental Patient: yi-hsuan( Date: 9/20/2012
    Dr.Komenaka has a good skill for doing root canal.I only felt uncomfortable one night after root canal. Next day, uncomfortable feeling almost ran away.
  • Cleaning
    Dental Patient: kevinp Date: 9/13/2012
    Had cleaning done and it was fast and painless. Very satisfied.
  • Excellent Treatment
    Dental Patient: angelikac Date: 9/13/2012
    I have received excellent treatment on all levels like always and refer all my friends to Dr. Devereux. Thank you Ala Moana Dental Care.
  • Best place for dental care on Oahu!
    Dental Patient: allicynh Date: 9/10/2012
    Sharon was great and always provides excellent service. It is nice to know that no matter which of the 3 doctors I see, I will always get excellent care. I no longer have to worry about dental work being scary & painful.
  • Great Visit!
    Dental Patient: timothyc Date: 9/9/2012
    I haven't been to the dentist in a while and I was quite nervous but when I arrived it was very pleasant. The front office was extremely neat/clean and modern. I was handed an ipad to sign in and fill out my information. I was then greeted by Dr. Declan and we proceeded to get my tooth extracted. (as per my wishes) He was so gentle with the novocaine I could hardly feel it. Before I knew it without any visual knowledge he had pulled my tooth without a flinch. I WILL be returning! Thank You Dr. Declan!
  • Great experience
    Dental Patient: ashleyb Date: 9/6/2012
    Great location, great office, friendly staff, very efficient. Best dental experience I've had in a long time. Thanks!
  • Thank You
    Dental Patient: micheller Date: 9/3/2012
    I was so greatful that you guys were able to get me in for my emergency with my tooth. the staff is great and very helpful. it was the best experience I had at a dentist by far. thank you for making me feel comfortable with choosing the root canal decision. thank you again.
  • Sharon is a great dental hygienist
    Dental Patient: johnp Date: 8/29/2012
    Every time I go to Ala Moana Dental care I feel genuinely, well, cared for. It's a human, friendly, professional place and the prices are reasonaable--I have no insurance.
  • Dental Visit
    Dental Patient: mary( Date: 8/23/2012
    I had a very good experience. The care and follow up was excellent. Thank you,
  • Deep clean three teeth
    Dental Patient: kevinp Date: 8/22/2012
    This service was fast and painless. Nikki did an excellent job. Stopped going to my last dentist about four years ago because of th hygienist.
  • Check up
    Dental Patient: christyb Date: 8/21/2012
    Staff was so considerate, helpful, and supportive when myself and three young children came for our appointments. Thank you for your kindness!Initially when making appointment,receptionist was very patient and polite.
  • Ala Moana Dental
    Dental Patient: erinw Date: 8/14/2012
    I had all my needs taken care of first appt. I felt i could trust them with performing surgery in the next 2 weeks.
  • excellent dental care
    Dental Patient: tracyf Date: 8/12/2012
    A crown fell off while on vacation. AMDC got me in the same day for a perfect repair. The facilities are state of the art, the staff friendly and helpful & the doctor an expert.
  • Cleaning
    Dental Patient: ronald( Date: 8/9/2012
    Very good treatment by your staff.
  • Great all around experience
    Dental Patient: janelle( Date: 8/7/2012
    What a great team of professional. I had a great experience. Mahalo, Janelle Pierce
  • Solid service!
    Dental Patient: julia( Date: 8/6/2012
    The service at Ala Moana Dental Care was great, from the front desk to the dentist. The hygienist did a comprehensive job of explaining what was happening with my teeth - more so than many others I've experienced - although the cleaning was a little more painful than I think it could have been. The time with the dentist himself seemed a little short, but if that means that the hygienist examined me thoroughly, then that's not really a problem. The in-office insurance plan seems like a good deal, and there's validated parking. For a big practice, I felt well taken care of.
  • Absolutely Fabulous
    Dental Patient: cherii Date: 8/5/2012
    Ala Moana Dental Care is perfect. I found the dentist as well as the dental hygienist both personable and thorough. The office staff is upbeat, helpful, and well informed. The office is hip and trendy, well lit, conveniently located, and near free parking. I look forward to having my teeth cleaned there every three months.
  • my dental care
    Dental Patient: ozlemh Date: 8/4/2012
    Dr. Declan & the whole staff is awsome... i m soooo glad i chose you... thank youuu :))))
  • My First Time in 10 Years...
    Dental Patient: nohealanit Date: 7/26/2012
    I've never liked going to the dentist and this visit made me even more nervous because I hadn't had a check up in so long and I knew that I need some work done. However, the staff was really nice and reassured me that I was in good hands. I felt very at ease at the end of my visit and very thankful that I was able to find such a good place to go for my dental needs! I'm actually looking forward to going back soon!
  • Great First Impression!
    Dental Patient: juliep Date: 7/26/2012
    This is probably the nicest office I have ever been to. The staff was kind informative and helpful. I will definitely be recommending this office.
  • great first visit
    Dental Patient: stephaniem Date: 7/22/2012
    Friendly, talanted, curteous, and efficient. This is my new dentist office.
  • Excellent Care & Customer Service
    Dental Patient: davida Date: 7/22/2012
    From the moment I was greeted to the dental hygienist treatment every thing surpassed my expectations. I will definite return for bi annual teeth cleaning and ezrays.
  • short notice
    Dental Patient: martas Date: 7/19/2012
    I had a great and relaxing experience yesterday by having a bridge preparation done on short notice. Excellent service, friendly smiles and laughs. Thank you very much,
  • Dental Cleaning at it's Best
    Dental Patient: claudiaq Date: 7/17/2012
    I have moved to the mainland and decided to get my teeth cleaned while on a visit. Chad was great at getting me a last minute appointment. I arrived at 11:00am, only to find out my appointment was for 2:00pm. Sharon skipped her lunch and took right in. I left with a satisfied feeling of complete patient service the Aloha way.
  • Teeth cleaning and xrays
    Dental Patient: cyerak Date: 7/14/2012
    Flat $49 for teething cleaning and xrays. Excellent service throughout my whole experience and great employees.
  • The best :)
    Dental Patient: gosia( Date: 7/14/2012
    Thank you for giving me beautiful smile :)
  • Speechless...
    Dental Patient: shaynaa Date: 7/12/2012
    When I made first appt at Ala Moana Dental care I was in a lot of pain. Not only did they provide me with a same day appt, the staff was so pleasant and genuine and made me very comfortable. The office is beautiful and relaxing. My tooth couldn't be fixed until the next day; when I came back, I walked into the door and was greeted by name, with smiling faces. Dr. D didn't make me feel embarrassed or self conscious, he just wanted to help me. I officially love going to the dentist!
  • My visit on 7-11-12
    Dental Patient: peterc Date: 7/12/2012
    Little or no wait, cool interoffice communication system, efficient & competent dentistry.
  • Always First Class, Fantastic
    Dental Patient: ricke Date: 7/1/2012
    I feel at home there. I feel respected. I did go to other dentists over the years who were very good, but Dr. Devereux is the class of Honolulu for my needs.

    I appreciate the large, professional staff and the way they make you feel welcome. I almost never have to wait much, and the referral (specialist) they made for me extended to me the same great treatment.

    Again, others are good, but Dr. Devereux and his staff are top notch and make going to the dentist fun.
  • Cleaning By Katrina
    Dental Patient: marda( Date: 6/29/2012
    Katrina was thorough but gentle in all her work;I definitely recommend her highly.
  • Excellent Service
    Dental Patient: omarc Date: 6/28/2012
    very good, very proffetional, fast service
  • Thorough and friendly
    Dental Patient: shalandaw Date: 6/22/2012
    Staff is smiling and helpful every time I visit. Very patient, friendly and accommodating when I need to bring my children. I have been going for 2 years and have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for them to see me, if I wait at all. I like having all my services in one office, appreciate the technology of being able to see pictures of my teeth while lying in the exam chair and love the parking validation that I have found is not available everywhere downtown. Recommend to anyone.
  • Excellent Cleaning
    Dental Patient: christine( Date: 6/20/2012
    I love the staff and dentists here is so warm and friendly. I live on the Leeward side but it is well worth the drive. I had a cleaning yesterday and my teeth look fabulous!!! I absolutely adore my hygienist... she is awesome!!!
  • These guys are always great!!
    Dental Patient: justinee Date: 6/18/2012
    So nice, so prompt, just really really friendly in every way, every time. I came in about 30 minutes before my appointment and they ended up taking me early I think with no problem. All the staff were kind; the people at the desk and everyone that checked out my teeth. The place is very clean and comfortable. I never had to wait too long between the different people checking me out. They offered estimates and referrals for services they suggested I consider but never pressured me to do anything. When it came to pay they were able to look up and let me use a gift certificate I had left at home. They didn't have to do that and I was very very thankful. I couldn't find my parking ticket and the staff was very helpful with that as well, they went way out of their way for me. (It ended up being in my car... they were still really nice about it!) I always recommend Ala Moana Dental when I know people are looking for a dentist!
  • Best Dentist in Hawaii
    Dental Patient: dexterc Date: 6/18/2012
    I recently had a tooth extraction & everything went so well from start to end. The Dentist even called me personally the next day to see how am I doing. I will highly recommend them to future patients.
  • Nice People, Great Service
    Dental Patient: michaela Date: 6/12/2012
    The employees and dentist were super nice. They seemed thorough and gave me some good advice during the exam.
  • Excellent
    Dental Patient: svyetlanad Date: 6/12/2012
    Very professional and caring people! Would definantly recomend it to my friends! So excited to get my front tooth fixed! :))
  • Wonderful experience, wonderful people
    Dental Patient: mattheww Date: 6/7/2012
    I hadn't been to the dentist in years, but a suddenly broken tooth made it a necessity. I couldn't be happier with my choice of Ala Moana Dental Care. I did a good deal of online research, and am happy to have found the right dental office for me. Very professional, very clean, very pleasant and personable.
  • I am grateful.
    Dental Patient: dennis( Date: 6/1/2012
    I had an extraction and surgery. I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the experience. It was my first time seeing Dr. Chun and highly recommend him. Here I am, 18 hours later and, despite the crater in my mouth, I am pain free. Many Mahalos from someone that never liked going to the dentist. Dennis A., Mililani
  • Root canal
    Dental Patient: nalehuaopunaa Date: 5/31/2012
    My experience with Dr. D. Was most enjoyable on a situation that people are not thrilled about. He takes his time to make sure that you don't feel a thing. Plus he explains things to you too. Out of all the dentist I went to he is the only one who calls me to see if everything is okay after every procedure, even my filling. I am glad he is my dentist. The staff are great too I recommand Ala Moana Dental Care to everybody
  • Ala moana dental is the best!
    Dental Patient: jenniferb Date: 5/22/2012
    Thanks again for another great visit! Everyone There is so friendly and always smiling!! I always enjoy going to the dentist.
  • Ala Moana Dental
    Dental Patient: nathanh Date: 5/19/2012
    I was first introduced to Dr. Devereux and his outstanding staff by my wife, nearly 17 years ago. I have been using their services for all my dental needs, since then. The personnel at Ala Moana Dental are very professional, caring and excellent at what they do. I can't say enough to describe how they have helped our family maintain our dental health.
  • Thank you :-)
    Dental Patient: helleg Date: 5/18/2012
    I can smile again. I am happy that my Dental did a very nice job , nice people and a friendly place to come .
  • Good Experience
    Dental Patient: cookieg Date: 5/14/2012
    I went in for teeth-whitening procedure. I am really glad they told me step-by-step how the procedure would be like so there were no surprises. The thing that impressed me the most was that since it was really cold in the office, they wrapped me up in a fuzzy blanket. I just took a nap through the whole procedure. Everyone was nice and it was not painful at all. The results were pretty good, but the dentist said my teeth weren't very stained to begin with so it wasn't a dramatic change. I probably wouldn't do it again, but I would definitely go there for my usual cleaning and any other procedure.
  • Thank You
    Dental Patient: davidc Date: 5/11/2012
    I will be their for more work done you guys were grear.
  • Review
    Dental Patient: lillyh Date: 5/6/2012
    Great location, friendly staff and dentists, very helpful. Convenient that they are open on the weekends.
  • Accomodating, friendly, and fun
    Dental Patient: shawn( Date: 4/29/2012
    A day before leaving town for a business conference, a 20-year crown broke. First thing in the morning, these folks had me in and fixed up. They are a very friendly bunch who genuinely care about the patients. To top it all off, my doctor was humorous, though, my laughing hardly made his work any easier!
  • Great, very inexpensive cleanings
    Dental Patient: sethk Date: 4/27/2012
    Got pulled in by a $40 groupon for cleaning, xrays, and meeting with dentist.

    Seen two different hygienists for cleanings so far, both very very nice, informative, and most importantly good at their job....

    Dr. Matto is very friendly and answered all my questions about Invisalign

    Very satisfied, esp since mainland cleanings are all triple digits...
  • Frenectomy
    Dental Patient: nicolem Date: 4/27/2012
    I had braces on my teeth before coming to Ala Moana Dental.. I continued to have an issue with the front teeth still separating everytime I took my retainer off.. I went into Ala Moana Dental and told them I needed help with the issue.. I received a frenectomy and I am so happy now with the results.. My teeth are now together with ease.. My teeth do not have the diastema (space between the front teeth) anymore..
  • Cleaning with Sheryl
    Dental Patient: angie( Date: 4/25/2012
    It was refreshing!! Excellent job,Sheryl.

    Thank you.
  • emergency root canal
    Dental Patient: carll Date: 4/25/2012
    I was not a patient of Dr. Devareau but I had an emergency situation and I contacted him thru the website and he called me early Sunday and provide me with needed care. The service and dental care were fantastic.

    Dr. Devareau is a a real credit to the dental profession... Ala Moana Dental Care is a first class operation. Thanks for helping me out when I really needed care.
  • Great!
    Dental Patient: marthao Date: 4/19/2012
    I went in for a clean up and it was fast and effortless. They did a great job and provided excellent costumer services. Plus, I am a big fan of the goodie bag they give you at the end of the appointment.
  • Excellent Out Of Town Experiece!
    Dental Patient: jodic Date: 4/19/2012
    While in Hawaii for three weeks, I found myself in need of dental care. I could not have had a better experience! Dr. Matto and his team were very professional, worked around my busy schedule, and ensured my dental needs were taken care of before leaving the Island.
  • Consistently Excellent Service
    Dental Patient: teresaa Date: 4/17/2012
    My dental service experience at Ala Moana Dental Care was excellent again. Waiting time minimal, friendly personnel, awesome dental hygenist - Sharon, and careful dental exam. Will return in 6 months. Thank you.
  • What a Team
    Dental Patient: johnd Date: 4/17/2012
    Dr. Deveraux and his staff had me in and out with a replacement crown in nothing flat. Very professional, competent, courteous and helpful. I'd highly recommend Ala Moana Dental Care to anybody.
  • u r the best
    Dental Patient: jeffrey( Date: 4/14/2012
    Hope I can come back
  • Awesome.
    Dental Patient: jamiec Date: 4/14/2012
    From the moment I walked into the upscale foyer, I was treated with kindness and respect. I was quickly taken back to be worked on, and everything was done basically as efficiently and respectfully as humanly possible. I wish I was going to live here longer just to go to this dentist.
  • cleaning
    Dental Patient: dannym Date: 4/13/2012
    there the best always cant wait to get me teeth cleaned.
    Complete dental care - the comfortable way
  • Broken Tooth
    Dental Patient: davidh Date: 4/13/2012
    I had a large chunk of a molar break off when I was brushing my teeth at about 8:30 PM. We emailed your office and were surprised to receive a call from the Doctor a few minutes later. He reviewed what had happened and determined that I did not need treatment until the next day. He promised that we would get a call shortly after the office opened at 7:30 AM. Sure enough we got a call shortly after 7:30 and had an appointment at 10:30. I walked out of your office shortly after noon with a temporary crown after an examination and X-ray. I was impressed and appreciated the timeliness and quality of the service and treatment I received.
  • Thank you
    Dental Patient: suej Date: 4/13/2012
    Everyone was so wonderful, from check-in to check-out.

    Thank you!
  • Nice Experience
    Dental Patient: tedg Date: 4/12/2012
    The people at Ala Moana Dental were very professional an courteous. The did an excellent job for myself, my wife, and my children. I feel I can trust them, and that they have our best interests in mind. I highly recommend them.

    Very nice service. Wonderful atmosphere and attention to detail.
  • Ala Moana dentist review.
    Dental Patient: weihong( Date: 5/10/2012
    Very nice experience. Everyone is very pleasant and helpful. This was my first time at an American dentist since arriving from China. Thank you so much for everything.
  • Rating
    Dental Patient: briant Date: 4/7/2012
    Good cleaning at a good price.
  • April 2nd visit
    Dental Patient: patriciav Date: 4/3/2012
    Everyone has been so accommodating and nice there. I am so glad I found this office. Not only are they nice, they are careful to be painless, and I like that if I prepay there is a discount.
  • Worth the time and money.
    Dental Patient: michaeld Date: 3/23/2012
    I got an appointment through an online deal but they still treated me as if I paid full price. They were very efficient and thorough. I put "Dr. Poopenstein" as my preferred name and they humored me. Recommended.
  • Teeth Cleaning
    Dental Patient: karena Date: 3/23/2012
    Excellent service... Friendly staff....i will be back
  • very good dental care
    Dental Patient: danielam Date: 3/21/2012
    the service was very good
  • Awesome service!
    Dental Patient: richards Date: 3/19/2012
    What a professional place. The service was without a doubt the best I've ever had at a dentist. The staff was great and the dentist was thoughtful and caring as well.
  • Service & Expertise
    Dental Patient: robertm Date: 3/19/2012
    Prompt ... professional on all levels from ancillary personnel to technicians and practitioner.
  • Authentic Hawaiian filling
    Dental Patient: donnao Date: 3/16/2012
    I lost my filling during my flight to Hawaii for a long planned vacation with my family. I was totally distressed about having to find a dentist my first day in "Paradise". Thanks to Ala Moana Dental, it was a totally pain free/stress free process. I came home with a one of a kind souvenir!
  • Awesome!!
    Dental Patient: reneet Date: 3/15/2012
    Awesome!! I was so scared but they made me feel real comfortable!! =)
  • Crown replacement
    Dental Patient: alice( Date: 3/12/2012
    Made you feel so at ease, so comfortable - the Dentist was very empathetic. The procedure was quick and painless. Was highly impressed. It's a combination of quality work and compassionate staff.
  • Wonderful staff !!
    Dental Patient: stever Date: 3/8/2012
    Totally professional. Eileen was my first point of contact when I called for an appointment and was the epitome of top class customer service ( give her a pay raise ) Everyone there exudes an air of friendliness and Aloha spirit.
  • Good experience
    Dental Patient: patriciac Date: 3/6/2012
    The office is attractive, the staff are helpful, and I was able to have a procedure done the same day after being checked by Dr. Devereux after my teeth cleaning. Thanks!

  • Superb Treatment!
    Dental Patient: samueln Date: 3/6/2012
    I hate dentists! But its a thing we all have to do and the people at Ala Moana Dental Care are awesome! Efficient, gentle, and showed a great deal of empathy with my teeth. I had a full clean of my teeth and a check up and x rays! They have changed my views on the dentist and i will have no problem going back soon. Many thanks Sam
  • Great experience all around
    Dental Patient: kenh Date: 3/5/2012
    Katrina, you were great! It feels like their mission is to take care of you-- both to make you feel comfortable and welcome, and to make sure your teeth get the care they need. Katrina asked questions, listened, and addressed my needs and questions-- I never once felt like I was "left hanging" from the moment I came in through the moment I left. She was deft and conscientious and left my teeth yummy clean. I also liked that one of the owners, Dr. Matto, came in to do a consult/quality control check at the end to make sure everything was good from their side and my side. This was my first visit (thanks Groupon), but they have earned a return visit for my next cleaning based on this experience.
  • Emergency Visit
    Dental Patient: haroldb Date: 3/5/2012
    I came in without an appointment due to pain. I was treated immediately with great care and concern. I am very pleased with the response, both from the dental and non-dental personel.
  • Crown
    Dental Patient: joannep Date: 3/3/2012
    Appreciate all that everyone did for me to help me get better. Thanks, Joanne
  • it was Great!!!
    Dental Patient: marinam Date: 3/1/2012
    Did not have any pain people were very nice
  • Great!
    Dental Patient: jamesc Date: 2/29/2012
    The whole gang does GREAT!! Easy to park, professional friendly service, and a VERY fair price! I found them on Groupon and stayed on as a continuing customer!
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction
    Dental Patient: patricks Date: 2/26/2012
    A very professional staff, experienced little or no discomfort during the entire process from the novocane injection to numb the tooth's nerves to removal of my tooth. Was surprised to get a phone call the following day to see how I was doing. A real genuine interest in their patients and their well-being.
  • Excellent Care
    Dental Patient: dennisn Date: 2/25/2012
    While away on vacation requiring emergency dental care, I was very pleased with the timely and excellent care I received from Dr Matto and associates at Ala Moana Dental Care.
  • Review
    Dental Patient: rutha Date: 2/24/2012
    Great atmosphere, very happy and energized staff! And my teeth were cleaned!
  • Excellent!!!!
    Dental Patient: cynthiay Date: 2/21/2012
    Very friendly staff and nice decor. I really enjoyed the experience.
  • Appointment
    Dental Patient: joannep Date: 2/20/2012
    I appreciate that I was provided dental care under extreme conditions. I felt relieved that I was able to get my problem resolved in such a timely manner.
  • Terrific
    Dental Patient: jimk Date: 2/17/2012
    Was the most enjoyable visit to a dentist EVER. Wow, high tech AND nice! Thank you.
  • Dental Cleaning
    Dental Patient: alicei Date: 2/17/2012
    Excellent service at a 5-star dental clinic. The best I've been to in Hawaii.

  • I don't like going to the dentist.
    Dental Patient: hopey Date: 2/16/2012
    But Ala Moana Dental Care makes it easy and comfortable to visit the dentist. Relatively pain free and a very comfortable environment.
  • Quick and efficient
    Dental Patient: franks Date: 2/7/2012
    The service was quick and efficient. The hygienist described what was was going to happen at each step, and was very considerate of my feelings and making sure I didn't get splashed too much with water. I was not really expecting much because I came in the day before and they told me you were closed on Thursdays, I left a message to call me back, and no one did, so I figured that this was not a well run operation. I was surprised, it is the best. I have already scheduled my next two cleanings...... Thanks, Frank
  • Had a welcoming experience.
    Dental Patient: tylerg Date: 2/7/2012
    I was very happy with the professionalism, and attention to not causing a lot of pain. I had found Ala Moana Dental Care on a Google serach, and am happy with the cleaning services I received.
  • Magnificent Cleaning
    Dental Patient: sabau Date: 2/1/2012
    I love Dr.Declan. We go back years, my boys now grown up, both feel the same. The staff is great and Sharon is extremely nice and does a excellent job cleaning. I know I am in good hands. Thank you all for your personal and professional services.
  • Crown Removal And Prep
    Dental Patient: jonnr Date: 1/30/2012
    I have had several crowns removed and replaced over the years. This was painless. As soon as the numbness left, there was no pain at all and I had to keep remembering that I had a temp on. I still am having trouble with that because it feels like it always did. Thanks, Jonn
  • Broken Tooth Extraction
    Dental Patient: philipm Date: 1/29/2012
    Friendly Staff, Clean Facilities. The tooth was not easy to get at as it had broken flush to the gum. The Dentist was able to take it out in one piece with very little trouble.
  • Great service!
    Dental Patient: sarahs Date: 1/27/2012
    Great service at this office - I will definitely be back :)
  • Kind To Nervous Patients
    Dental Patient: lindar Date: 1/21/2012
    From the time I walked in, staff were friendly and reassuring. During my procedure , I was asked how I was doing and was given frequent explanations of what was being done and how close they were to completion. Questions were answered respectfully and fully and clear aftercare instructions.
  • Teeth Cleaning
    Dental Patient: harryb Date: 1/21/2012
    Convenient Location, Thourogh Deep Cleaning,Friendly Staff but the Digital Xray film was large with sharp edges (Painful to bite down) Overall, very good
  • Dental Care
    Dental Patient: heidil Date: 1/17/2012
    Excellent in all respects.
  • My First Visit
    Dental Patient: marshac Date: 1/12/2012
    I became aware of your clinic through crowdsavings. Had it not been for your partnership with them, I would never have thought to try you since I live in Hawaii Kai, but the deal was so good that I decided to give you a try since I'm looking for a new dentist for me and my family anyway, and I'm so glad I did because I was very impressed with your office, staff, hygenist Katrina, and Dr. Devereaux. Everyone was very nice and took the time to answer all my questions without feeling rushed. You also had the thyroid guard when taking xrays. Another big plus was the full parking validation. If not for that, I would probably not consider future visits to your office but it is just another reason to make you our family dentist. Also, since we don't have dental insurance, we very much appreciate your own dental plan to anyone who wishes to join, and your on-going $49.00 teeth cleaning offer which I am taking advantage of every 6 months. Mahalo for making dental care more affordable to us and the masses!
  • Great Dental Visit
    Dental Patient: joycep Date: 1/6/2012
    My visit was excellent. Great cleaning job, lots of communication and explaining xrays and condition of my teeth and gums. Very professional, no long waits, and good care. I am happy!
    Complete dental care - the comfortable way

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