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  • Noi Kaewijam / Waikiki
    My first visit with Dr. Devereux and Associates was awesome! The staff made me feel extremely comfortable -- they gave me a headset so I could listen to music and wrapped me in a blanket so that I felt cozy and warm. Dr. Devereux was so gentle I didn't feel a thing during the procedure."
  • Terra Garrigus / Makiki
    "When I called Dr. Devereux and Associates I told them that I just wanted a cleaning -- they said "no problem." I have never experienced a more thorough and yet gentle cleaning than the one I received at Dr. Devereux's office. All my stains were removed and I just loved how fresh my breath was and how smooth my teeth felt."
  • Caroline Hugh
    Everyone was super hip and cool. Very professional and sooooo nice! The office looks pretentiously beautiful...but the people just so warm and friendly.
  • D'neka Patten
    Everyone I encountered was friendly, professional and very thorough in their care. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking for excellent dental care.
  • Darlene Lytle
    I used to dread going to the dentist and would literally shake in the chair after having had such bad experiences in the past but I don't worry at all anymore because I know I am in the best hands with Dr. Devereux and his staff. All of the care I have received here has been absolutely outstanding, everything I always hoped for when going to the dentist. It just does not get any better than this and when I decide to leave Hawaii I will actually fly back here for my dental care as needed, that is how satisfied I am with Dr. Devereux!!!
  • Hannah
    LOVE THE EMAIL, THE STAFF WAS GREAT. THE PROCEDURES WAS FAST AND NOT AS PAINFUL AS I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. After the extractions I was well informed on what to do and take for the pain. Thank you much, for all your help.
  • Jean Markell-Johnson
    Friendly, state of the art service! Like a visit to the Starship Enterprise! Holistic minded. Great people on top of their game and the latest innovations in their field. They will never disappoint you. And I have the most beautiful smile ever. I can hardly believe it's mine. Best thing I ever did for myself.
  • Joanne Bryant
    I was able to make an appt quickly and was very pleased with my entire experience. The location is accessible, including free parking. The staff, from the reception desk to the hygienist to the dentist, everyone was friendly, efficient and professional. I felt more comfortable than I ever have before when coming in for a routine cleaning.
  • Joseph Castro
    Another pleasant dental experience - Thanks...
  • Meredith Walport / RN Tripler Army Medical Center
    Dr. Matto is most definitely an asset to the Ala Moana Dental Care team. He is personable yet retains a sense of professionalism. He seems like a happy person who has the ability to put people at ease. Dr. Matto always explains everything he is going to do before he proceeds and asks if you have any questions. He reviews your plan of care in terms that are understandable. Dr. Matto has never pressured me to under go a procedure that I did not feel comfortable with or did not understand. He is mindful of the economic implications as well. He is diplomatic when working with several patients at one time. I would (and have) highly recommend Dr. Matto to my friends and professional associates. Last but not least Dr. Matto remembers I'm from Boston! Keep up the good work Dr. Matto
  • Patrick Soong
    Although this was my six month bi-annual cleaning, I was notified by email of my appointment a few days prior with a follow-up phone call as a reminder. All personnel are highly professionals from the moment I came into the office as I was greeted at the front desk to being seated in the "chair" for my dental cleaning, which was a painless cleaning where I felt so comfortable in the chair that I had actually dozed off.
  • Paul Perretta
    My first Consultation/Second Opinion experience with Dr Devereux and staff was of a Friendly,Professional and Efficient group. The Office has a futuristic ambiance. Having been a Telecomm/Wireless Engineer I found the personal communicators each of the staff has to be a novel and efficient business method !
  • Suzanne Hurley
    Consistently excellent service and care. Now, if I could only find a car guy like you folks....
  • Valerie Gonzales
    I was referred by my daughter; who actually called for an appointment for herself, she was impressed with the intro summary of the services. I liked what I was hearing since both of our experiences from a different clinic was both bad service and impersonal. You spend alot for dental care; pardon the expression, it shouldn't feel like " pulling teeth"!!!
    Complete dental care - the comfortable way

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