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Why We Grind Our Teeth

Dr. Devereux believes that the biggest reason why we grind our teeth is because we are humans! Conventional dental wisdom would say that teeth grinding is caused by a bad bite, joint problems, poorly fitting dental work, and stress. While all these factors can contribute to tooth grinding the biggest cause is really human nature.

Looking back at our ancestors' teeth (or even the teeth of people living in more primitive parts of the world), you will see far more wear on the chewing surfaces of their teeth than the teeth of people in industrialized societies. This may be because the food they eat is not refined and requires a lot more chewing and often is more abrasive due to less rinsing of food out of the soil. With our more modern diet we loose a lot of the affects of the primitive diet and Dr. Devereux believes that we subconsciously make up for it by grinding our teeth in our sleep.

While it may be normal for people to grind their teeth in their sleep, it can cause a lot of strain on our jaw joints (TMJ), create headaches and neck aches from muscle fatigue, chipped edges, deep crevices along the gum lines, and sensitive teeth.

Dr. Devereux recommends wearing a protective teeth guard if you grind you teeth a lot at night. If you're not sure just look for some of the tell tale signs I previously noted or try stretching your jaw first thing in the morning by opening wide.

If you find that you grind your teeth at night, contact us today for a consultation.

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