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  • What do Rotten Eggs and Oral Infections Have in Common?

What do Rotten Eggs and Oral Infections Have in Common?

By Dr. Declan Devereux

If you have not heard of the "focal infection" theory you are not alone. In a nutshell, the theory states that an infection in one area of the body can spread to another area of the body (through the bloodstream) and cause disease in that new area of the body.

Over fifty years ago, Dr. Weston Price performed exhaustive research which he claimed irrefutably proved this concept. Although many dismissed Dr. Price's research at the time, in view of recent research it may turn out he was on the right track. If he was correct and if bacteria are causing disease in the mouth (including the jawbones) and those same bacteria get into a persons circulatory system, they could have adverse health affects elsewhere in the body. More and more evidence is accumulating that shows the bacteria in the mouth that cause gum disease can travel to the heart and other organs and cause disease in those areas. Not surprisingly, Dr. Price suspected that the bacteria found inside dead teeth were potentially the most pathogenic (disease causing) of all bacteria in the mouth.

These bacteria are what are called anaerobes, which means they live without oxygen (the bacteria in a rotten egg are anaerobes). The toxins that these bacteria release not only produce bad odors but cause severe inflammatory response in peoples immune systems. The inflammatory response is a side effect of the bacterial infection and if the bacteria are eliminated the disease process can be stopped.

Some of the signs that these bacteria are present are bleeding gums, bad breath, or a bad taste in the mouth. If the bacteria are getting into the bone from a dead tooth, there may be no symp toms except that the tooth may be discolored. Fortunately we have modern diagnostic tests to determine if a patients mouth is infected with these health endangering bacteria. Furthermore, if the bacteria are identified, we have the state of the art protocols and equipment to eliminate them. It is our belief that the mouth is the gateway to the body and that it is truly impossible to have a healthy body without having a healthy mouth.
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