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  • Replacing Metal Fillings

Replacing Metal Fillings

Many of our patients come to us asking us to update their fillings. They want their old "silver" fillings taken out and replaced with tooth colored fillings. Patients commonly site esthetic and health concerns about their metal fillings. It is true the esthetics of a smile can be greatly enhanced with a more natural, tooth colored restoration. In addition to this there are many reasons as to why one may update to a tooth colored or a resin composite filling.

Composite fillings actually bond the tooth structure and seal the margins closed from bacterial invasion. In order to prepare a tooth for a composite filling the tooth can be treated much more conservatively and thus maintain the maximum amount of original tooth structure as possible. Silver fillings require drilling undercuts out of the tooth in order to retain the restoration since it is not bonded directly to the tooth. These undercuts may also weaken the tooth in larger fillings and predispose the tooth to subsequent fracture in the future. These fractures can be significant leading to crowning the tooth to repair it or even catastrophic fractures leading to extraction of the tooth. Composites with their opportunity to be conservative and applying their adhesive characteristics can reinforce and guard against fracture. If a filling is required we believe that composite restorations are in the best interest of the patient.

For your safety, we follow the Proper Protocol for metal filling removal.
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