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    We think we do a great job with our teeth cleaning services but don't take our word for it. Many of our clients are glad to share their experience with us. Below are very recent comments/testimonials from our clients to help show we offer some of the Orthodontics services in Honolulu., Ala Moana, Waikiki area.
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  • Dr. Eric Muraoka and assistant Bobby did an awesome job ...
    Dental Patient: davido
    Came in to have my permanent crown put on. Dr. Eric Muraoka and assistant Bobby did an awesome job making sure it fit perfectly. I also checked in through yelp and got a free bottle of Rx Breath mouth wash. Very happy with the outcome of my crown, and Ala Moana Dental care has a lifetime customer here. Thanks!
  • Frenectomy
    Dental Patient: nicolem
    I had braces on my teeth before coming to Ala Moana Dental.. I continued to have an issue with the front teeth still separating everytime I took my retainer off.. I went into Ala Moana Dental and told them I needed help with the issue.. I received a frenectomy and I am so happy now with the results.. My teeth are now together with ease.. My teeth do not have the diastema (space between the front teeth) anymore..

I had crowded teeth my whole life but never considered correcting them until Dr. Devereux's
hygienist Sharon told me about Invisalign. When I saw how simple it was and that it wouldn't interfere with my life or be noticeable I asked "why not?" I wore the aligners just like they said to and was amazed as my teeth got straighter and straighter. Now I get so many compliments on my smile that I only wish I could have done it sooner.

Sally Geis
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