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  • NTI Testimonials

NTI Testimonials

I had been experiencing an ache in my jaw and neck that was slowly getting worse. To alleviate the problem I had all of my wisdom teeth removed, but a few weeks after the surgery the discomfort started to reappear. Shortly after that I was in for a check up with Dr. Matto and we discussed the symptoms I was experiencing (jaw pain, neck discomfort, and occasional popping noises) despite the removal of all four wisdom teeth. I was fitted for an NTI to alleviate the pain on the suspicion that I was grinding my teeth while sleeping. It took a few days before I noticed any effect, but after two weeks my neck and jaw pain were completely gone. Since then I wear it every night, and I haven't had any reoccurance of the pain or discomfort.

-Daniel Herbstreith, Honolulu
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