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Lumineers are a specific brand of veneer made by DenMat whose founder pioneered the development of cosmetic dental veneers. They are made out of a proprietary type of porcelain named Cerinate. Lumineers are made specifically for minimal or no prep veneer techniques. This is why advertisements for them emphasize that no anesthetic and removal of tooth structure is needed. Furthermore since minimal or no tooth structure is removed it is critical that the Cerinate porcelain is very strong even when ultra thin.

Lumineers have been proven to be durable even down to a thickness of .3 mm. This is very impressive and makes them a great choice for minimal or no prep veneers. Dr. Devereux used this technique and veneer type on his sister's veneers 17 years ago and they have been fantastic, trouble free, and beautiful to this day. Lumineers and their minimal/no prep technique have been extremely popular because they are less invasive and since they are bonded almost entirely to enamel they stay bonded better than any other veneer technique. A simple consult is all it takes to find out if this technology can work for you.
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