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Is A Dark Tooth Considered Dead?

There are many reasons for a tooth to turn dark but the most common is from a trauma. If trauma occurs somewhere else in your body, the area will often have a bruise which is caused by the rupturing of red blood cells.

If the trauma occurs to a tooth, the red blood cells inside your tooth rupture and the discoloration takes a lot longer to show up, since the tooth is so dense. Once the discoloration occurs inside the tooth it doesn't go away unlike a bruise to the skin. Often this type of trauma to a tooth will be enough to permanently damage the nerve and leave it "dead."

Other things can also kill the nerve of a tooth such as decay, excessive clenching, and gum disease. A simple way to tell if the nerve of the tooth is dead is to apply a small piece of ice or something similar to only the tooth that may be dead and then doing that same test to a different tooth in your mouth. A normal tooth will feel the cold sensation and it will go away when the cold is removed. A dead tooth won't even feel the cold.

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