• Invisalign Case Study #1

Invisalign Case Study #1 Below are actual Dr. Declan Devereux and Associates Invisalign cases.

1 - This shows a moderately complex Invisalign case which took 10 months to complete.

2 - This was a complex Invisalign case. No extractions were done. This case took 16 months to complete but the patient says it was worth the wait.

3 - Honolulu Invisalign: This patient was able to see terrific results in 11 months!

4 - Results in just 8 months!

5 - This patient wanted her front teeth straightened. We were able to do that in just 1 year!"

6 - This patient wanted to derotate her front tooth and also straighten the posterior teeth. She was happy to see the results in 12 months.

7-This patient asked if there was any way we could close the spaces between her teeth. We were able to accomplish this for her in 9 months!



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