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  • 2/6/2017 - Heart Attacks and Gum Disease: What Do These Have In Common?
    Evidence has been building for several years that painless inflammation can cause heart trouble and may even be more dangerous than high cholesterol.
  • 2/11/2017 - 12 New Honolulu Dentist Testimonials - Reviews
    2/11/2017 - 12 NEW TESTIMONIALS POSTED! - Read very recent comments/testimonials from our clients to help show we are offer some of the best dental services in Honolulu.
  • 2/11/2017 - Honolulu Dentist Newsletter FEBRUARY 2017
    New dental video tips, published articles, Honolulu dentist staff profiles, special offers and more...
  • 2/13/2017 - Root Canals Explained
    So what is involved in a root canal procedure? A root canal is the cleaning of the canals inside the tooth and sealing it to prevent the possibility of future bacterial contamination.
  • 2/20/2017 - Honolulu Dentist Tip: Is A Dark Tooth Considered Dead?
    There are many reasons for a tooth to turn dark but the most common is from a trauma. If trauma occurs somewhere else in your body, the area will often have a bruise which is caused by the rupturing of red blood cells.

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