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Teeth Grinding Demystified

In a recent article, Dr. Declan shares that he considers it completely normal for people to grind their teeth in their sleep and is a result of our evolution. Read more on his article here.

Unfortunately this "normal" activity causes a whole bunch of problems because our teeth have not been worn flat by our diets. When we grind our teeth they "bang" into each other due to their unworn edges and sloping ridges. This causes, a lot of strain on our jaw joints (TMJ), headaches and neck aches from muscle fatigue, chipped edges, deep crevices along the gum lines, and sensitive teeth.

To protect your teeth at night, we recommend wearing a protective teeth guard if you grind you teeth a lot. Nightgaurds take a little getting used to but professionally made ones fit the best and are the most comfortable.

We would be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation to answer any other questions you may have and offer our help. Click here to request an appointment.

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